Uploading files

These instructions can be used for any file upload or born digital documents.

Navigate to or create the subcollection in which you want to upload your file. This can be in your research space or within a project.
  1. Click on Add a new object to this collection.

  2. Choose the Content Model that your object belongs in. Click Next.
    You can upload any type of object into your CWRC collection, but your collection policies must support what you are uploading. To see if your collection has the policy necessary for the file you are uploading see “Changing the collection policy of a collection.”

  3. Select the bibliographical form that you require. Click on Next.
    The options found in the form depends on what you are uploading, the image below is there when you upload a “Basic Image.” The Book form is good if you are transcribing a primary text or want bibliographical fields primarily related to a monograph.

  4. Fill in the MODS record with the appropriate information. Click on Next.
    As with all MODS records, all that is required is a title. You can always come back and add more links to related entities, topics, genres, etc.

  5. Choose the object you would like to upload by clicking on the “Browse” button.
    The file formats available to upload are listed beneath the Browse button.

  6. Once you have chosen a file, click on Upload.
  7. Click Ingest to finish uploading the object to your CWRC Collection.