Creating subcollections

When you upload files into CWRC you must have a place to put them. You need subcollections or “folders” that will organize the files within a project (or “collection”). Each subcollection is assigned a policy which determines which type of files are allowed to be stored in them.

  1. Navigate to your Research Space, you can do this from your dashboard (under My Projects) or using the dropdown menu under the account icon in the top right corner of CWRC.

  2. Select the project you would like to add a new subcollection to.
    You need to make sure the the collection you are creating a subcollection in has one of the two content models that allow you to create new subcollections.

    Islandora Collection Content Model - creates a subcollection within a collection

    Islandora Compound Object Content Model - creates a shell object that allows users to group different files by adding “Child Objects” to it. However, the object that populate this folder must have been previously uploaded to CWRC.

    For more information see Content Models

  3. To create a subcollection you need to choose to Add an object to this Collection.

  4. Select either “Islandora Collection Content Model” or “Islandora Compound Object Content Model” from the Select a Content Model to Ingest drop down menu.

  5. Click on Next.
  6. Enter a Collection PID or leave blank to use the default.
  7. Choose your Inherit XACML policy. The options will be “None” or the collection that you are adding the subcollection to. Click on Next.
    The inherit eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) policy defines who can access the subcollection. For example, who can edit or annotate a document verses simple view it.

  8. Fill out the MODS form.
    The only required field is the title, the rest of the information can be filled in later from the objects Manage page.

  9. Click on Ingest.
    You can now add objects to your new subcollection.