Changing the collection policy

If you would like to upload a particular object to your collection, you may have to change the policy associated with your collection (depending on what you assigned to it when you created your collection).

  1. Ensure you have the managing rights on a collection.

    If you are unsure, check your project status on your account dashboard.
  2. In your collection choose the Manage tab and select the Collection option.

  3. From the list of content models, select the one that will enable you to add the type of objects you wish to add to that collection.
    You can have as little as one or as many as all content models selected. This will allow you to either add a single type of object to your collection, or as many as you like (including all the object types allowed in the repository).

  4. Select Update collection policy.

  5. You can now add any object that adhere to the collection policies you have selected.