Searching and Browsing

CWRC utilizes a robust search system to make the contents of the site as accessible and explorable as possible.

Search (general)

The search bar is located at the top of all pages of the CWRC site. You can narrow down where in CWRC you are searching from the search bar by selecting either Collaboratory (the default option) or Website Content. If you would like more search options, there is an Advanced Search link to the right of the search box.

Search Results

Search Results can be sorted by the relevance to search terms, title, creation date, and last modified date. These option can be organized in ascending and descending order.

Additionally you can view your search results in a list (default) or grid view.

Users can also view search results by Bibliographic View, which displays search results as citations. These can be organized by type of citation style (see screenshot below).

Another available view of search results in by Documents. This lets users view the search results as “abstracts.” the information presented includes the latest workflow stamp, title, author, description, etc. However, this view depends on the metadata and not all files have all those fields filled in.

Advanced Search

The Advanced search option allows users to enter multiple search terms (separated by boolean operators - and, or and not). You can have from one to multiple search terms. The red “+” and “-” buttons beside the search terms will add or delete them. You can specify where the search term should be found by changing the “Field” option.

The “field” list narrows down your search by the metadata and workflow stamps of objects. The default option is dc.title, which will return the most results because when an object is created or uploaded it is a required field.

Save Search

When you conduct a search, using the search bar or the advanced search option, you can save your search. This is particularly useful if you have many search results to go explore.

You access your saved searches in your account dashboard. Clicking on the saved search title will take you back to the search results.


There are multiple ways to browse the content of CWRC writer. You can travel through the Collaboratory projects sorting them by title or by recent modifications.

Additionally, CWRC provides a faceted browsing feature. This is when you narrow down items (in this case search results) by different filter. Narrow down search results by as many filters as you would like. To add or remove filters you can click on the “+” or “-” buttons beside each individual feature. The filters include:
  • Language: choose to view only english or french files.
  • Source: view results by the project they are from.
  • Type: is the content model that the document was uploaded using.
  • Authority: this refers to if it is published or under review.
  • Format: this refers to the medium of an item (book, audio, etc.)
  • Genre: refers to the classification of the item (nonfiction, etc.)
  • Folksonomic genre: user generated genre classification.
  • Publication date: when it was published.
  • Century: what century the item was created.