Entertainment has been drastically affected by COVID-19. Closures, reruns, and the transition to online dependency are only the tip of the iceberg. Due to COVID-19, many entertainment businesses are being temporarily or even permanently changed, and even shut down. Within a domestic setting, COVID-19 has given many people an abundance of free time, creating and augmenting several new forms of entertainment.



The effects of COVID-19 onto the Entertainment industry has a unifying effect on almost everyone. For many people, the pandemic did not seem particularly serious until entertainment outlets were affected. Entertainment was both adapted and altered due to the onset of COVID-19, and many forms of live entertainment events were suspended. This change can be seen within the sporting industry, with all games shut down and suspended after the virus hit. It can also be seen through the rise of eSports, creating a sense of normalcy in the world today. Considering how the cinema and film industry were hit extremely hard by the shutdown, there was an immense struggle against the increasingly popular streaming platforms. It is also important to discuss drastic manners in which arcades, casinos and restaurants were closed due to the pandemic, creating a loss of amusement during this troubling time. The resurgence of hobbies and household activities can also be considered, since they can help occupy time during social distancing. All of these aspects were completely changed due to the threat of COVID-19, with much of it deeply distorting and struggling within the first few months.



This archive covers many aspects of the entertainment industry in relation to COVID-19. Keeping a sense of normalcy and maintaining morale is important for society's collective wellbeing. Entertainment encompasses a vast array of subjects and appears in many aspects of everyday life, making it a perfect topic for an archival project. Areas of focus include businesses such as arcades and casinos, examining gambling and poker reruns, while also addressing theatre, parties and raves. Sports is another huge part of the entertainment industry. This sub-section illustrates how athletes and the press have adapted to new formats, as well as how they have dealt with rescheduling and venue cancellations. Video games, streaming, and eSports have also filled the role of conventional sports. Cinema and film are another influential medium which have changed dramatically within the last year; many cinemas have been permanently closed. Online services such as Netflix and the music industry have prospered in COVID-19. Hobbies and skills are another sub-topic. Many people have spent time in isolation perusing new skills, crafts and passion projects. The news is easily one of the most talked about entertainment outlets. Television, Twitter, newspapers, and government updates are the most popular news sources. Exercise marks another sub-topic, which includes hiking, camping, yoga, meditation and socially distanced walks as gyms and public facilities have closed. The final sub-topic addresses the rise in rates of addiction to various modes of recreation. Increased time at home has led to an increase in substance abuse and overuse of other forms of entertainment, including video games and social media.