View events

To learn more information about the events, click on an icon in the timeline or map. The metadata/description for that event will appear in the text box located in the middle of Plot-It, and users are able to scroll through the information.

  1. Scroll through the timeline or map until you have found an event that you would like to know more about.
  2. Click on that event to bring up the information about that event.
    When you click on one of these event points in the map, the timeline will move until that event is visible. The informational will then appear in the text box between the timeline and map. When you click on an event in the timeline, the map will move to the location of that event.

  3. Scroll through the event metadata to learn more about that event. Each event contains metadata that informs the user about the event. This metadata includes a label, date, location, country, description, event type and source information.