View events not in the map

If an event does not have a location attached to it, then it does not appear in the map. You can view these events in alternate ways.

  1. Click on the “17 results” out of 140 cannot be plotted. This brings up a popup with the 17 events that are not listed in the map.
    When you click on the events in the popup, the metadata information is displayed just to the left of the timeline. The timeline will not sync with these events. If there is only one event without a location (e.g. once you have conducted a search to narrow the results down), the popup will contain the information of the event instead of a list.

  2. Optional: You can also view these events in the list view. Click on the “sorted by” option and select “Location” and then select “grouped as sorted”. This will organize those events missing the location under “missing.”
    It doesn’t matter if you choose to organize from a - z or z - a, the events missing a location will always be under "m" for missing.

  3. Optional: Additionally, you can view these events in the grid view. Click on the “Grid View” and then click on either “Location” or “Country.” This will organize the results by those fields, and because those events do not have those fields they are displayed at the beginning of the grid.
    If you use this method of viewing those events without locations, you cannot access the description in either the grid or the timeline (from the grid).