Creating index subheadings

  1. Nest a ‘list’ tag within an ‘item’ tag.
    An example index:

  2. Within the 'list' tag add an 'item' tag. So the breadcrumb trail would be item>lists>item(s). Each 'item' tag wraps around each index entry (it’s content is the index term).
  3. Step 3: Add a <ref> tag to the items in the list.

    The 'ref' tag has a target attribute, its value is a space separated list of paragraph XML IDs. The 'ref' tag references the paragraphs in the body text.
  4. Begin to add your index terms between the item/ref tags.
  5. Add the XML ids (from the paragraph(s) or other tags) in the target attribute of the <ref> tag. If there are multiple XML ids related to the index term, separate these with a space.