Creating cross referencing index terms

Cross referencing allows you to draw connections between terms found in different sections or chapters of your document.

  1. Make sure you have XML ids attached to your ‘item’ tags in the index.
  2. Below the ‘item’ ‘ref’ tags add a ‘list’ tag.
  3. Add a ‘head’ tag below the newly created list tag.
  4. Within the ‘head’ tag add a ‘hi’ tag. To the ‘hi’ tag add the ‘rend’ attribute, the value of the ‘rend’ will be “italic” (see below). Between the ‘hi’ tag add “See also” or something of that effect. Close out the ‘head’ tag after the ‘hi’ tag.
    The 'hi' tag "Highlights" the "See also" term.
  5. Now add the ‘item’ tag(s) to the list (below the closed of ‘head’ tag). The ‘ref’ tag target attribute will contain the XML id or ids that of different index terms that you would like to cross reference.

    You can add as many items to this section as you would like.
  6. Close out the list tag.