Adding XML ids with oXygen

This option is best for large DToC documents. The downside of using oXygen to insert IDs is that they are not human readable. It may be worth using the tool, if you are able to use a script to transform the ID pattern.

  1. Open your XML document in oXygen.

  2. Switch to author mode, either at the bottom of your document or under the “Author” tab in the main menu.

  3. Under the “TEI P5” tab in the main menu select “ID Options."

  4. In the popup menu add the XML tags that you would like to generate XML ids for. In this case 'div' is pre typed in but you can add 'p' to that list and delete the 'div' option. Click ‘OK’.

    This tutorial focuses on the 'p' tags, however you can add XML ids to many other tags (e.g. note, list, etc). For example, if you would like to be more specific in where the index terms are located you can go through the optional step of adding keyword tags to specific index terms within paragraphs. Then add the 'keyword' tag to the list in the “ID Options.”
    Note: If you would like to cross reference your index terms then you need to add XML ids to the ‘item’ tag.
  5. Select the entire content in the author page and click on ‘Generate IDs,’ located under the main menu “TEI P5” option. This will generate XML ids for all the selected tags from step 4.

  6. Save your document.