A Day In My Life During a Pandemic  


My day

I woke up at 9:00 am, got ready for the day and was craving to do a good workout, but with more strict covid restrictions, I decided to do a workout in my room rather than going to the public gym to be safe and not risk catching anything.       

Around 10:00, I made breakfast, had some fruit, eggs and orange juice, while I watched an episode of friends (my favourite tv show).     After I finished eating and cleaned up, I decided to go to the mall and start my christmas shopping. I got some candles from bath and bodyworks for my mom and my boyfriends mom, and then got my dad a nice hoodie from roots. The mall was packed and by the time I got into the stores after waiting in line almost 2 hours went by, realizing I had class soon at 2:30.  

 On my way back from the mall I grabbed a starbucks (a peppermint mocha frappe) - the best christmas drink ever! By the time I got back to my apartment it was around 2:00, so I gave myself some time to relax before my class at 2:30.  

From 2:30-3:20 I was in class, then after class I made a snack; apples and peanut butter and then began to do my school work until my next class at 5:30.  After my 5:30 class, it was 7:00, so I figured I should make dinner, I made salmon with roasted green beans and sweet potato. After dinner it was around 8:30, so I did work until 10:00 then got ready for bed and put on a Christmas  movie!                                                                                                                                                                      

   That was  normal Wednesday for me, except going to the mall, that rarely happens since I am on a student budget. These times are very difficult and odd but it is important everyone stays safe and to make the best out of this unfortuante situation!