Day in the Life

By Jaslynn Weidhaas


Hi my name is Jaslynn, I am going to talk to you about what a Saturday during the COVID-19 pandemic was like.

My day started off with an early start at around 7:30 in the morning, getting ready for the day. I sent off a text towards my friend group who all share the same social bubble to triple check that this morning was a go. After getting a response I made sure that COVID-19 restrictions within the city that the trail is in did not change overnight. Everything was clear to go so I got my dog and myself ready for the walk. Before I headed out the door, I made sure to have the essentials of a mask and hand sanitizer.

Carpooling with one of them we loaded my dog into the hatchback and pulled out of the driveway around 9:00 am. We decided to take the back roads because we were extremely early. Even on the back roads the traffic was terrible, the ride took nearly double its usual time, although conveniently we arrived at our destination exactly on time for 11.

My other two friends rolled shortly after, with their four dogs in the back with them. After sanitizing and adjusting our masks so they were comfortable we divvied up the dogs between the four of us and set off for our walk. The trail was surprisingly quiet, and everyone walking on it was masked and socially distanced. We spent a lot of the day on the trail, returning to the cars well after 1:30. After giving one of their dogs back and saying goodbye we packed ourselves back into the car, taking the back roads home again.

My afternoon was spent working on online schoolwork, getting involved in discussions and completing a few projects. At 5:00 I helped my grandmother, who lives with us, to make cabbage rolls for dinner. While they were cooking in the oven, I spent time with my family, catching up with how their day has gone. After eating dinner, I met back up with the friend I carpooled with earlier to go pick up a Christmas gift that I got commissioned for my mother. I brought masks, sanitizer, and a plastic bag in order to be safe with this pickup and brought the exact amount of cash so I would not be asking for change from the artist. We drove out to get the artwork and we made sure to do everything at a safe distance from each other through a porch pickup. After thanking the artist through her glass front door, we packed the commission into the plastic bag and secured it in the back of the car, once again sanitizing. My evening was spent completing an assigned novel reading for my English course before bed.