Women's Writing and Reading in Canada from 1950 is an open-access research collection illustrating the immense productivity of women writers in Canada within the rapidly changing culture of the mid-twentieth century to the present day.

Embracing “writing” as a large and diverse field, the site and database document the work of women in Canada in both established and emerging genres. Through the inclusion of writer interviews and reader surveys, the project acknowledges that writers and readers live in interconnected worlds. Connectivity is a key feature of the project. The born-digital information is designed as a resource for teachers, students, and general readers interested in searching according to writer, genre, or period, texts and themes.


The project is indebted to the creative contributions of gifted graduate students as RAs, coders, and designers: Matthew Bouchard, Leah Brochu, Lindsay Doll, Amy Dyrbye, Carlos Fiorentino, Emily Haas, Calen Henry, Devorah Kobluk, Katie McConchie, Clare Mulcahy, Meredith Snyder, and Amy Stafford.