This exhibit celebrates women that have advanced the status of women by leading the way towards a diverse and gender inclusive community.   We aimed to include all women who identify as women including cisgender women and trans women.  We strove to represent the wide diversity found in our community and ensure that a variety of voices were included.  We wanted to recognize the historical barriers faced by all women, and to acknowledge that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) and LGBTQ2IA+ women have faced and continue to face even greater barriers.

The women featured here include politicians, mothers, writers, scientists, activists, health care workers, artists and caregivers. Our goal is to celebrate their accomplishments and to show our viewers, of all genders and backgrounds, that change is possible.  The exhibit is sub-titled "Women Trailblazers", but we recognize the collaborative nature of change making and believe that  empowered women empower women.  Thus, we have included organizations as well as individual women.

Many more women and organizations could have been included.  This exhibit is just a starting point for recognizing the great work being done in our community.  We hope that it will continue and that others can be added.