There are so many people to thank for this project!

First of all, a huge thank you is owed to the students of Hist*3560 who did most of the research, writing, picture-finding and uploading!  These students are:

Tanesha Black

Julia Cole

Shelby Mawson

Sofia Mayer

Brittany Pompilii

Anne Sanatagi

Nicole Scott

Katrina Stephany

The team at the Canadian Writers Research Collaboratory (CWRC) set up the project and provided impressive documentation and tutorials for the students on how to upload their material.  Thanks to Susan Brown and Kim Martin for making this possible.  Mihaela Ilovan provided valuable support throughout.  Thomas Smith did an excellent job of providing documentation and trouble-shooting. 

The Canadian Federation of University Women initiated this project and provided us with substantial support throughout.  We are very grateful to: Teresa McKeeman, Isobel Boyle and Mary McEwen for their help and support.

Guest speakers shared their research in women’s history and the history of Guelph including: Vicki Hodgkinson, Christine Bold, Kris Inwood, Melissa McAfee, Franca Iacovetta, Heidi Bohaker and Alison Norman. 

We are grateful to everyone who put forward nominations including Denise Francis, President of the Guelph Black Heritage Society, Sarah Dermer at Chalmers Community Services, Amanda Derksen at The Guelph Chamber of Commerce as well as by individuals across the region.  

Many people helped with photo permissions, or gave us permission to use photos they had taken including Darcy Hiltz of the Guelph Public Library, Keith Betteridge, Nancy Coates and Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis.

Student volunteer Emma Ongman wrote one of the profiles and reached out to the community organizations for nominations. 

Finally, a huge thank you to the women who agreed to be interviewed as part of this exhibit:

Tito Alawode

Kimberly Anderson

Marva Wisdom

Jan Sherman

Audny-Cashae Stewart

Deanna Clatsworthy

Karen Farbridge

Amy Ellard-Gray

Suzy Lake

Shakiba Shayani

Jan Sherman

Gayle Valeriote