Navigation panels

There are three different tabs on the left hand side of CWRC-Writer.

Structure panel

The structure panel displays the XML markup of the document. From here you can add, delete, edit, and copy and paste tags in the document.

In the structure panel, deleting a tag will delete both the tag and text content. A double click selects the content of the tag and deleting will delete only the text (more text can then be typed to replace it).

Entities panel

The entities panel lets users see the entities that they have tagged in the document (date, organization, title, etc). You may view the items in this tab either sequentially or by category.

Relations panel

In the relations panel you may view any relationships, which you have established between entities. You can establish relationships through the Add Relations button in the toolbar at the top of the page or at the bottom of this panel. You can also delete relations at the bottom of the panel.