Introduction to CWRC-Writer Concepts

We have included overall concepts in our CWRC-Writer documentation as background information for the user. this includes information on XML, RDF, Named Entity Annotation, and Relations/Triples.

Introduction to CWRC-Writer

The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) is developing an in-browser text markup editor (CWRC-Writer) for use by collaborative scholarly editing projects.

Features of CWRC-Writer

  • Web based
    • removes need to buy, install, and configure editing software
    • based on TinyMCE, a JavaScript editor using jQuery to extend functionality
  • Close-to-WYSIWYG editing and enrichment of scholarly texts with meaningful visual representational of markup
  • Combines eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and Resource Description Framework (RDF).
    • XML markup support crucial for DH community
    • RDF increasingly in use in DH projects;supports standoff and overlapping annotation of named entities, notes, etc.
    • ability to combine TEI markup with RDF for named entities and annotations.
    • ability to export using "weavers" that recombine plain text, the XML, and the RDF (including TEI-compliant XML)
  • Flexible Design
    • can be dropped into existing web frameworks
    • works with external services for e.g. entity management and validation
    • documentation open-source (github) code allows adoption and modification.