Creating documents

You can create CWRC-Writer documents in two ways, either by uploading a file or by using a pre existing template (provided by CWRC). Additionally, these options are customizable to you and your project because you select which schema to use.

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Type Value
Prop name Prop value

General information

To upload a document you need to first create a folder in CWRC (please see instruction here ). Then choose to to add a new document in the folder by clicking on the “Manage tab”

Users have the option to either upload a document from file or open a template provided by CWRC. When following the steps to create a CWRC-Writer document you have the option to add more information about the document you are creating, though the only required information is the object's title.

Upload from file

Any documents that you are uploading must be well formed XML and end in .xml. If the document is not a “well formed XML” document or does not have the .xml file name extension then you cannot upload it.

You can customize your document by choosing the schema it follows from an drop down menu.

From a template

Templates are already available from CWRC and Orlando, and are “well formed” XML documents. Templates are stored in the CWRC Document Template Collection. Additionally, these templates already have an associated schema attached (making it easier for XML beginners).