CWRC-Writer Toolbar

At the top of the editor there is a toolbar that allows you to add, edit, and delete tags and entities.

Toolbar icons

  • Tag Menu is where you go to find and apply the structural tags.
  • Tag Person is for tagging people by name. It usually contains a proper noun or noun phrase, but can also contain pronouns or other ways of referring to someone.
  • Tag Place is for tagging a place. It can describe both a geographical location or setting.
  • Tag Date is for tagging a date in the text. This tag can contain the year, month, day or a combination of the three.
  • Tag Organization is used to tag and organization or company.
  • Tag Citation is for tagging citations in the text, which may contain a loosely structured bibliographic citation of which the subcomponents may or may not be explicitly tagged. When using this option a mini-editor pops up.
  • Tag Note is used to tag a note or annotation. When using this option a mini-editor pops up.
  • Tag Text/Title is for tagging a title or the text of any type of work.
  • Tag Correction is used to tag any correction you have made to the original text.
  • Tag Keyword is for tagging any important keywords in your document.
  • Tag Link is for tagging any links or URLs found in the document.
  • Edit Tag is used to edit a tag that you have created in CWRC-Writer, by changing the information assigned to the tag.
  • Remove Tag is for removing any unwanted tags.
  • Add Relation is for creating relationships between tags. You can create relationships between the tags for Person, Place, Date, Event, Organization, Citation, Note, and Title. When users create a relationship they will be asked to specify how the two tags are related, for example are two different "Person tags" family, or collaborators.
  • Edit Source is for users who wish to edit the raw XML or RDF code. We do not suggest that you use this option unless you are an expert.
  • W3C Validate is a useful tool that allows users to validate their XML tags by the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • Save is for saving any changes you have made to your already saved documents.
  • Save and Exit this will save any changes you have made to the document and exit you from CWRC-Writer.