Creating a new text/title entity

The "Tag Text/Title" entity is for tagging a title or the text of any type of work

  1. Highlight the text that you would like to tag as a "Text/Title." Click on the toolbar or right-click options (see images below).

  2. Try to find the text/title you are tagging in the CWRC or VIAF.

  3. If your entry is not in the CWRC entity lookup system you have the option to create your own. To do this click on Create New Title button at the bottom of that page.
  4. An "Add Text/Title" pop-up appear, fill it out (see info below) and click OK.
    The only mandatory field is the Title name, though there are many other areas that you can fill out.

  5. Once you have created an text/title entry in the CWRC entity repository, you can now add more information about the tag (author, date, etc). Click on Save.

You have now created a new CWRC entity entry, you can use this creation the next time that you go to tag this entity.