Creating citation entities

Tag citation is for tagging citations in the text, which may contain a loosely structured bibliographic citation of which the subcomponents may or may not be explicitly tagged.

  1. Highlight the text that you would like to add a citation to and right-click or use the toolbar icon.

  2. A pop-up will appear with a list of titles from the CWRC and VIAF entries. Choose an option and click on Select.

  3. A mini-editor will pop-up, enter any information that you would like in the pop-up.
    There is a specific way to add text within tags in the mini-editor. To do this, you click the tag twice in the structure/markup tree, so that its entry is italicized (this means the tag's content is selected). You can then start typing, which will add text content to that tag.
    Note: When using the mini-editor you can add XML and RDF tags just like in the main editor. though the toolbar options are limited (e.g. you cannot choose to "save" or "validate" the citation). The structure and entity panels on the left mimic the structure panel in the editor and displays all the tags you added to the citation in the mini-editor.

  4. Once you have entered the text into the editor, you can begin to tag the document. Adding structural tags and entities to the document.

  5. If/When you decide to add entities to your citation, you will see a pop-up exactly like that in CWRC-Writer.

  6. Once you have finished creating the citation, click Select.

You have now created a citation in your document. You can see in the image below that the note appears in the document, currently the note does not format correctly in CWRC-Writer.

The resulting citation looks like this: