Sharing/Migrating Objects

The sharing options CWRC provides depend on if you are trying to share a file or a folder. Folders can be shared to different social media sites (Facebook, etc.), while individual files can be shared to those sites as well as different CWRC projects.

  1. Open the file or folder that you would like to share.
  2. Click on the Share tab above the file or folder.

  3. Choose the site you would like to share the folder/file with.
  4. Optional: If you are sharing with your a social media account, sign in and share the file with your friends/followers.
    The two options,“Share with another collection” and “Migrate to another collection,” are conditional to your own projects. For example, you can not migrate another projects document to your own project.

    The Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus options will require you to sign in to your account.

  5. Optional: If you choose to “Share with another collection,” enter the filename and click Share Object.

  6. Optional: If you choose to “Migrate to another collection,” enter the new collection name (or the destination collection name). Click on Migrate Object.