• Born to missionaries in China, Abbie Lyon Sharman spent part of her adult life in Toronto and in Winnipeg, and was known for writing in many genres.
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    English writer Ada Bessie Teetgen resided briefly in Islay, AB, where her experience with the death of her sister’s baby inspired her to write an autobiographical novel, A White Passion (1912), to...
  • Inuit Ada Blackstone Johnson is known for her journal of the disastrous Wrangel Island Expedition of 1921, portions of which have been cited or published.
  • Ada Florence Kinton immigrated to Canada to teach art, but found her calling as a member of the Salvation Army, for whom she did considerable writing and editorial work.
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    A life-long resident of Prince Edward Island, Ada Ramsay wrote about the history of the province.
  • Adelaide Hunter Hoodless, founder of the Women’s Institutes of Canada, published a ground-breaking textbook about domestic science to improve women’s knowledge about sanitation and household...
  • American-born Adeline Boardman Todd lived in New Brunswick after her marriage to a wealthy businessman, and was known for her Sunday school stories for children.
  • A devoted temperance advocate, Adeline Davis Chisholm wrote articles for the Women's Christian Temperance Union and ran its periodical, the Woman's Journal.
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    A life-long resident of New Brunswick, Rebecca Agatha Armour was known for her historical sketches and romantic novels.
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  • Best know as Canada's first female Member of Parliament and for her social activism, Agnes Macphail also held several short-term positions as a newspaper columnist.
  • Agnes Laut developed an extensive career as the author of many books of fiction and non-fiction about the history of North America.
  • Born in Victoria, BC, Agnes Deans Cameron broke new ground in her first career as an educational administrator before moving into journalism. Her overland trip to the Arctic Ocean led to the...
  • Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald, based in southern Ontario, enjoyed a long and admired career as a poet and journalist.
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    A woman of many talents and interests, Agnes Joynes published on a wide range of topics, including a volume of poetry.
  • Under the pseudonyms of "Amaryllis" and "The Marchioness," Agnes Mary Scott became a daring social journalist in Ottawa.
  • Agnes Maule Machar was Victorian Canada’s foremost female public intellectual, who wrote in many genres to advocate for social causes, including the advancement of women.
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    In 1854, Miss Agnes Megowan, of St. John NB, published a book of her religious and elegiac poems.
  • Agnes Chamberlin, a daughter of Susanna Moodie, issued the landmark volume, Canadian Wild Flowers, in 1868.
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    Agnes Spencer was born in Whitby Township, ON, where she spent most of her life as a farmer's wife and issued a pamphlet of poetry in 1898.
  • Aimee Semple McPherson, one of the most famous Christian evangelists of the twentieth century, published many religious works as well as accounts of her own spiritual journey.
  • An accomplished athlete and advocate of women's sports, Alexandrine Gibb was a career Toronto sports journalist.
  • Alice Chown recorded much of her social activism in her only book, The Stairway (1921), a semi-fictionalized account of her early years.
  • Author of several books for children, Alice Townley was well known as a community activist and suffrage advocate in Vancouver, BC.
  • Alice Elizabeth Wilson spent her entire life in Sherbrooke, QC, where she blended her interests in music and poetry. After her early death in 1934, her mother collected her poems in a posthumous...
  • The first female fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Alice Evelyn Wilson was a pioneering geologist who published books and articles in her field.
  • Journalist Faith Fenton (Alice Freeman) was well-known for her columns in a variety of Toronto newspapers and for her travels to the Klondike in 1898.
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    Member of an illustrious Nova Scotian family, novelist Alice Jones spent her later life in France.
  • Born in Wales, Alice Maud Ardagh spent much of her life in Barrie, ON, where she wrote poetry and several novels.
  • Alice Maud Winlow spent her adult life in Vancouver, where she was active in many cultural organizations and published poetry, fiction and plays.
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    Alice Munro published her first writings while a college student and went on to win the Nobel Prize for literature in 2013.
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    Nova Scotian Alice Porter published two letters concerning astronomy in 1893.
  • English-born Alice Ravenhill immigrated to Canada in 1910 and became a prominent figure in Women's Institutes, domestic education, and advocacy on behalf of Indigenous peoples.
  • At the time of her early death, Alma Frances McCollum was a promising Toronto poet whose work had appeared in several periodicals and one volume of verse.
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    Born in Fredericon, NB, Althea Moody contributed to the magazine of All Hallows School in Yale, BC, where she taught art for many years.
  • Most of Amabel King's publications were occasioned by the two World Wars.
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    Australian-born poet Amanda Shaw spent much of her adult life in Vancouver, BC, where she took part in the cultural life of the city.
  • Amelia MacLean Paget spent much of her life in the Canadian West and wrote admiringly of the Indigenous people who inhabited the prairies.