• Toronto journalist Annie Gray Caswell wrote for various periodicals and also published a novel for girls.
  • Annie Gregg Savigny wrote novels set in her home city of Toronto, as well as works to support the humane treatment of animals.
  • Member of a prominent literary family, Ottawa-based Annie Howells Fréchette worked as a magazine editor and published fiction for both adults and children.
  • An accomplished writer in many genres, including poetry and fiction, Annie Jack was probably best known for her periodical columns on horticulture.
  • Annie Louisa Walker spent a portion of her life in Canada where she published her first books, before returning to England where she joined the household of her cousin, writer Margaret Oliphant,...
  • Annie Angus published poetry and articles while enjoying a busy life of social service, largely centred on the University of British Columbia.
  • Born in PEI, Annie Marion MacLean published many works of social analysis after becoming one of the first women to earn a doctorate in sociology in North America.
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    Born in Nova Scotia, Ann Gilpin Mountain spent much of her life in Quebec and issued several volumes of poetry.
  • Annie Logan spent her adult life in Montreal, where she contributed to various periodicals and published two books.
  • Despite spending most of her life in British Columbia, poet Audrey Alexandra Brown became a national celebrity during the 1930s and received the Lorne Pierce medal in 1944.
  • Poet Augusta Baldwyn, who spent most of her life in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, contributed verse to a variety of literary and religious periodicals and issued one book, titled Poems (1859).
  • The first woman to graduate from medical school in Canada, Augusta Stowe Gullen expressed her commitment to the advancement of women in several publications.
  • Under the pseudonym "R.H. Grenville," Beatrice Rowley regularly published poetry and some fiction in a wide range of periodicals, beginning while a teenager living in Winnipeg and continuing into...
  • Beatrice Redpath spent much of her life in Montreal and published two volumes of poetry.
  • A life-long resident of Ontario, Beatrice Embree published a novel set in a girls' boarding school.
  • Journalist Beatrice Nasmyth covered the First World War for The Province (Vancouver, BC).
  • A life-long resident of Montreal, Mary Ellen Gueren, later known as Bellelle, was a Catholic feminist who was also known for her poetry and her historical writing.
  • Poet and journalist Bertha Jane Thompson was a close friend of E. Pauline Johnson (1861-1913) during the latter’s final years in Vancouver.
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    Bertha Lewis spent her later life in Vancouver BC, where she was active as a poet and an artist.
  • A resident of Sherbrooke, QC, Bertha Weston Price wrote stories inspired by local history and legends.
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    English-born Beryl Gray spent much of her life in Vancouver and travelled to Australia, gathering experiences that informed her articles and serialized fiction.
  • Bessie MacMillan Miller spent most of her life in Nova Scotia where she published fiction and non-fiction.
  • McNally, Linnea
  • A Montreal resident, Blanche Macdonnell published fiction that drew on the heritage of New France.
  • Ontario-born Blanche Walker Luscombe moved to Vancouver, where she issued her only booklet of verse in the 1930s.
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    Blodwen Davies was a versatile author who published non-fiction and fiction for adult and juvenile readers.
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    Born in Ottawa, Bonnie Dafoe spent most of her life in Penticton, BC, where she published poetry and short stories while she was still a schoolgirl.
  • Karyn Huenemann
  • Camilla Sanderson resided in Ontario and issued two volumes of poetry as well as a biography of her father.
  • Born in Akron, OH, in 1881, Carol Cassidy Cole later immigrated to Ontario, where she issued several books for children.
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    The writings of Carol Coates reflected her knowledge of Japanese culture and her study of the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner.
  • Often dubbed “The Poet of Niagara,” the area where she spent most of her adult life, Caroline Eleanor Wilkinson published her poetry in many of the daily newspapers of Ontario and issued one book...
  • Huenemann, Karyn
  • Daryn Wright
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    Carrie Derick was one of the first Canadian women to establish a career in science when she qualified as a lecturer in botany at McGill University; upon her retirement, she became the first...
  • A painter in watercolours and a musician, Carrie Holmes MacGillivray published one novel, based on stories of Scottish immigrants in Glengarry, ON.
  • Carrie Jenkins Harris authored five novels, most of them published in her home province of Nova Scotia.
  • A life-long resident of Nova Scotia, Cassie Fairbanks published at least one long narrative poem.
  • An established author in England before she immigrated to Canada in 1832, Catharine Parr Traill wrote several foundational volumes about pioneer life in the Canadian backwoods.
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    Montreal-based Catherine McGuire Bagg was long associated with the Canadian Poetry Magazine, one of the periodicals in which her work appeared.