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Lundi, juillet 8, 2019 - 03:00

Call for Participation

Ontologies for Linked Data in the Humanities

Sponsored by the ADHO LOD SIG


Scholars, researchers, and advocates of linked open data from the humanities and GLAM community are invited to participate in a half-day workshop, “Ontologies for Linked Data in the Humanities”, to take place prior to the start of Digital Humanities 2019, from 9am-1pm on July 8th, in Utrecht, Netherlands. We are soliciting short papers (up to 2000 words) related to ontologies for an online collection and for presentation at the workshop.

Those accepted will be circulated in an open-access online collection in advance of the workshop.

Selected contributors who are attending the workshop will be invited to give short presentations (5-10 mins) that will form the basis for discussion and debate.

Please note: If you are unable to attend DH2019 but would still like to contribute a paper to this open source resource, please submit your contribution at the link below (it will ask you if you are attending). This link will remain open after the workshop call is complete to collect further contributions.

Potential topics include:

  • Ontology re-use, including the choice of whether to import or cherry-pick terms

  • Evaluations, applications, and implications of upper-level ontologies for humanities scholarship

  • Application and extension of standards such as Web Annotation, IIIF, and CIDOC-CRM to solve challenges of digital representation or to support novel forms of analysis

  • Strategies for combining ontologies

  • Challenges of linking incommensurate vocabularies or ontologies

  • Modules, suites, and other strategies for promoting the uptake of ontologies in large or interconnected domains

  • Principles of ontology organization and architecture

  • Tensions between simplicity and complexity or nuance

  • Revision, management, versioning, and usage of dynamic ontologies

  • Impacts of particular ontologies on discoverability, visualization, or analysis

  • Reviews or overviews of generic tools for managing, versioning, or publishing ontologies

Paper submissions are due May 13th, 2019, after which the conference program committee will review them and notify potential participants, with a schedule of presentations, no later than June 7th. If you plan to participate in the workshop either as attendee or presenter, you will need to register for it through the DH2019 conference.

The 2017 workshop resulted in this collection: Advancing Linked Open Data in the Humanities. We intend to publish the 2019 collection of short papers in a similar format in advance of the workshop.

Short papers should be submitted using this form, which requests permission to make your submission part of an openly available online resource with a CC-BY-NC licence.

We are looking forward to hearing about the exciting work everyone is doing with ontologies for Linked Open Data!


DH2019 LOD Workshop Program Committee:

Susan Brown

Johanna Drucker

Jasmine Drudge-Willson

Kim Martin

Ryan Shaw

Joseph T. Tennis


Sponsored by the ADHO LOD SIG.  Subscribe at

image credit: Joshua Sortino on Unsplash