New TEI Entity Forms

As part of the code update we did at the end of October, we added support for creating and editing TEI-conformant files for person, organization and place entities. 

You can create entities either by using the regular, collection interface, just as you would any other object in CWRC, or by choosing "Create new entity" in the CWRC-Writer  entity lookups.


TEI entities FAQs:

  • I linked my documents and resources to some of the "old", non TEI entities. What happens with them now?

    • We will transform the existing named entities to TEI entities by the end of the year and notify you when that is done. You won't have to do anythingh on your end, as the entities' identifiers that you used to connect your materials to the existing entities will remain the same. 
  • I tried to edit an existing entity but I am told that I can't do that at the time. Why is that?

    • The entity you tried to edit is not TEI-conformant (probably one of the old CWRC entities) and the new entity management forms are unable to to process the request. This issue will be solved when we transform all the old CWRC entities into TEI entities (see above).
    • If you need to edit any existing entities before the end of this year, let us know and we will work with you to find the best way to do so.
  • I created a new entity and when I checked it out, the page was empty. 

    • We are in the process of adding new code that will display the TEI entity content on the Entity main view page, but this code will only be pushed to the production environment next week (by Nov 9).