Welcome to REED London!

REED London is a prototype online collection developing from the Records of Early English Drama (REED) in partnership with the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) and supported by Bucknell University, aims to establish an openly accessible online scholarly and pedagogical resource of London-centric documentary, editorial, and bibliographic materials related to performance, theatre, and music spanning the period 1100-1642. With support from an NHPRC-Mellon Planning Grant for Digital Edition Publishing Cooperatives and CANARIE Research Software Program grants, REED London is creating new environments for scholarly presentation of archival materials gathered from legal, ecclesiastical, civic, political, and personal archival sources in and around London. The objective of the REED London project team is to build a stable, extensible publication environment that optimizes access to these compiled materials in ways that respond to scholars’ research interests across disciplines. Consulting with other planning grant recipients will be invaluable to ensuring that REED London’s production and publication environment is in line with standards laid out in the NHPRC-Mellon grant objectives. It is hoped that the progress REED London and CWRC make will also inform the larger dialogue about best practices among funded teams.

Eyewitness Accounts: Correspondence

The personal and diplomatic correspondence of eyewitnesses to these events offer unexpected insights into the performances we analyze. Using a corpus of the letters in the Dynamic Table of Contexts readers can read and analyze this texts in new ways, revealing the markup and key terms to find trends across documents.