The Digital Page is a digital edition of the writings of P.K. Page and of the visual art she created under her married name P.K. Irwin, employing an open source text-image tool, the Digital Page Reader, created especially for this project.

P.K. Page’s career as a writer and visual artist extended over some eight decades, from 1932, which saw her first known publication, to 2010, the year of her death, in which she published six books. Throughout these years, she produced some of the most admired and beloved poems in Canadian literature—and many fine works in the genres of fiction, children’s stories, non-fiction, and travel writing, as well as a voluminous correspondence. In the second half of her career she also produced a substantial body of visual art, which has only recently come to be recognized for its own excellence as well as for the light it throws on her writing.

The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory houses the content for the Digital Page's innovative digital editions, housed within a custom interface.