Sports And Fitness

             A gym is shown with light wooden floors and white walls and ceiling. In the gym is numerous workout equipment and machines such as spin bikes. All the machines are black with orange details.              A football game is happening in a stadium full of people on the stands. One team is wearing green/yellow and white uniforms while the other team is wearing blue uniforms. A blue team member is in the middle of kicking the football towards the other teams goal. The goalie is wearing red is looks ready to stop the goal.

               Empty Gym by Muleba Humphray                                                                                   Soccer Game by Waldemar Brandt

This archive will cover the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak across the fitness, recreational, and professional sporting world. The archive will examine the outbreak from the start of the pandemic, until the present day. Since the earliest days of the pandemic the sporting world has felt the full force of the effects; with events such as the Utah Jazz centre Rudy Golbert testing positive for COVID-19. This initiated a sequence of events that not only affected the NBA’s season, but also halted the progression of leagues such as the NHL, PGA, MLB, and the Premier League. 

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the sporting and fitness world; forcing leagues to delay scheduled championship events, player selection drafts across all leagues, and infringing on players off-seasons. Not only has the effect been felt in the professional environment, but also across the amateur world, affecting different sports such as competitive swimming. The pandemic has also led to the closure of gyms and fitness facilities across the world. With the concern of potential outbreak haunting all aspects of society, the archive will examine the steps taken by the various organizations and companies to not only restart and reopen the business, but it will also examine precautions and procedures taken in the event of the outbreak.The archive will present the viewer with a detailed and chronological outlook of COVID-19 response in the sporting, and fitness world.  


                                                                                                                                                                 Empty Baseball Stadium by Eveline de Bruin


Sports and fitness has been a popular and healthy pastime for most during the past few decades but it all came to an abrupt pause as COVID-19 pandemic happened. Since the virus we are dealing with is extremely contagious and thrives in crowds, gym and all sports leagues were closed or paused to prevent the spread of the virus. In order to reopen, new innovative ideas were invented to allow citizens to return to their daily gym activities while being safe and social distancing. Professional sports leagues were quick to innovate new ideas such as using a bubble to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from outside sources by having no fans and using only necessary staff. Moreover, throughout this archive, we will talk about the policies/procedures that were implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the fitness and recreational/professional sports world from the beginning of the pandemic up to the present.