Annotating your text

You can add context to your annotations using the "AnnotateIt" tool. For more information about signing up to “AnnotateIt” see “Login/Annotator Authentication.”

  1. Log in to “AnnotateIt” and activate it in your DToC browser (See “Login/Annotator Authentication” linked below).

  2. Highlight the text you would like to comment on in the text area.
  3. Click on the small popup that appears over your cursor (it is represented by a pen and page).

  4. In the comment section, write any information that you would like to annotate the highlighted text with.

  5. Optional: Select one of the View/Edit options (see image below).
    You can check both options, so that they have the option either view or edit the annotations.

  6. Optional: Enter any tags that you would like to add to your highlighted text.
  7. Once you have finished adding the information to your text click on “Save.” If you don’t want to annotate the text or you have changed your mind you can click on “Cancel” and your annotation will not appear.
  8. Optional: If you would like to delete or edit the annotation click on it and select one of those options in the top left corner of the popup.

    If you delete the annotation you will delete everything, comment, view setting, and tag.