Tito Alawode:

An Entrepreneur Committed to Adding Value to the World


From her days as a student in Lagos, Nigeria, to her innovative business endeavors in Guelph, Tito Alawode has focused on adding value to the world. Her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities have driven her success in business.


Alawode entered the business world as a university student in Nigeria. At the time, she was often praised by her classmates for her enviable fashion sense. She decided to open her own business, buying and selling clothes to her classmates. Alawode became aware of the significant obstacles faced by women in obtaining employment in Nigeria. Noting these challenges, Alawode founded a non-governmental organization called Her-Rise. Her-Rise organized empowering workshops and events for young women to learn essential skills that could lead to employment.


In 2016, Alawode moved to Canada as an international student. She first arrived in Sarnia, Ontario and later moved to Guelph. In both cities, Alawode noticed how few of the ingredients required for African cuisine were available at grocery stores. The closest African grocery store was a painstaking 3-hour drive from her home in Sarnia.  For a self-proclaimed picky eater, this was especially disappointing as she could not make the Nigerian dishes that she was so accustomed to.This inconvenience became Alawode’s opportunity for innovation. Thereafter, she founded North America’s first online African Grocery store: MyChopChop. As the leading online African grocery store, people are now able to easily obtain the goods they need to make African cuisine no matter their location.


Since arriving in Guelph, Alawode continued her personal goal of giving back to the community.  Knowing the hardships faced by immigrants, she endeavored to provide work experience to newly arrived immigrants and international students. She has donated food to several non-profit organizations and fabric to be sewn into masks during the pandemic. In discussing her selfless commitment to her community, she explains that she only wishes to leave her community in a better state then when she first entered it.


Recently, Alawode earned an MBA at Wilfred Laurier University and welcomed her second child. As a mother, she has recognized the immense difficulties faced by women balancing motherhood and the opportunities to fulfill their dreams.  Thus, her next project will be a podcast that provides guidance to mothers facing similar struggles.  


Alawode has made an immense impact in the business world and serves as a great inspiration for women and mothers looking to fulfill their dreams. Moreover, her entrepreneurial outlook teaches us to look at obstacles as opportunities to add value and leave our community in a better state then when we arrived.

A photograph of Bolatito Alawode sitting at her desk in front of her computer. Her legs are crosses and she is smiling at the camera. On her computer, her website MyChopChop is displayed.

Tito Alawode is pictured above working on her successful business MyChopChop. 


A photo of jollof rice. The rice is reddish brown with green vegetables in it. A large spoon sits in the bowl of rice.

Pictured above is an authentic African dish known as jollof rice. When asked what dish she would recommend, Alawode suggested jollof rice and explained it is a staple for any get-together or party.


A portrait photo of Bolatito Alawode. Alawode is smiling and has one of her arms crossed over her body.

Alawode's next project is a podcast that aims to help mothers learn how to balance motherhood and fulfilling their dreams.  This is a picture of Alawode.