This collection makes available the rich contents of Thomas B. Vincent's 1993 CD-ROM Index to Pre-1900 Canadian Cultural and Literary Magazines.


This pioneering index covers nearly 137,943 records of prose, poetry, drama, fiction, and miscellaneous items (letters to the editor, sheet music, illustrations, advertisements, and obituaries) from 203 nineteenth-century periodicals published in Canada. It includes The Nova Scotia Magazine, Canada's first literary magazine, longer-running titles such as the Canadian Monthly and National Review, and more ephemeral ones such as Mayflower or Ladies' Acadian Newspaper. Not all runs are complete; only what was found extant was included. Some major periodicals such as Saturday Night are not included. The Journals collection, which was not released with the original index on CD-ROM, records what was seen, where, what was entered in the collection, and what is missing. In addition to essential publication information, there are subject descriptors on all items.

For this collection, the database was transformed into records using the Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS). It is open to correction and enhancement by members of the Collaboratory. Please request membership if you are interested in contributing.