The Canadian Jewish women writers collection provides access to novels, short stories, plays, and poems created by Jewish women writers living in urban and rural settings across Canada. Where permission is obtained, excerpts and/or entire works are available in PDF form here; links for purchase are also provided in the Notes section. Critical studies are included, when available, for each author.

In addition to primary and secondary sources, this site includes a range of resources related to the study of these creative works. Please explore the tabs to the right for insights into the rich and extensive engagement of Jewish diversity within a multicultural country. These are some keywords that could be helpful in your exploration: novel, play, poetry, short story, film, children, Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Sephardi, ultra-orthodox.

The Canadian Jewish Women Writers project is an ever evolving project, and is thus a work in progress. If you are an author, or have published commentary on a creative work, please contact the project manager, Dr Catherine Caufield at to have it added to the collection to facilitate international access.

Project founder and creator: Catherine Caufield, PhD

With grateful acknowledgement to the student Research Assistants, without whom this project would not have come as far as it did as quickly as it did: Elexa Davis, Candace Gridzak, Rachel Lingnau, Megan Palmer, and Ella Tiessen.

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