• Based in Vancouver, Elizabeth Belyea contributed poems to several periodicals and an anthology.
  • Elise Aylen, the second wife of well-known author Duncan Campbell Scott, published her poetry in various periodicals and in one collected volume.
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    Eliza Chipman of Nova Scotia recorded her thoughts in her spiritual diary that was published after her death.
  • English-born Elizabeth Field Jones was better known for her marriage to the Ojibwe Methodist preacher Peter Jones, or Kahkewaquonaby, than for her writings about people she had known.
  • After moving from Maine to Montreal, Eliza Foster Cushing became deeply involved in the city's literary life.
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    A life-long resident of Nova Scotia, teacher Eliza Frame published poetry, non-fiction, and a novel.
  • In the 1890s, Eliza Maria Jones published two popular pamphlets of advice about dairying.
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    One of the first Canadian women to earn a doctorate, Eliza Ritchie spent most of her life in Nova Scotia where she was a suffrage activitist and author of both poetry and non-fiction.
  • Elizabeth Agnes Page, sister of Rice Lake poet Rhoda Ann Page, also wrote verse, albeit no publications have yet been verified.
  • Ontario-based Elizabeth Donaldson published poems in various periodicals in the 1930s and 1940s.
  • Elizabeth Grove, or possibly one of her sisters, authored the first children's book to be produced in Nova Scotia.
  • Reputedly a capable writer, Eliza Jane Davin was active in women's organizations in the Northwest Territories but none of her publications have yet been found.
  • Elizabeth Lichtenstein Johnston ended her colourful life in Nova Scotia where she wrote her memoirs that were later published as Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist (1901).
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  • Born in Quebec City, Elizabeth Montizambert established herself in London and Paris as a Canadian correspondent for several major Canadian periodicals.
  • The only publication by Elizabeth Lee Macdonald was a series of nine articles in the Prince Edward Island Magazine (1900-01) entitled Charlottetown Fifty Years Ago.
  • Elizabeth Simcoe spent five years in British North America (1791-1796) during the time of her husband's appointment as Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. Her diary of these years, published in...
  • Ottawa-born Elizabeth Smart is known for her iconoclastic writing and unconventional life.
  • Born in Scotland, Elizabeth Susan MacQueen moved in 1878 to Prince Edward Island, where she became known as “The Island Poetess.”
  • Calgary-based Ella Bell Wallis published two novels, but her third fell victim to the bankruptcy of the Graphic Press in 1931 and never appeared.
  • Ellanore Parker was a nurse in a Canadian hospital near Dieppe in the First World War. She used her experiences there as the foundation of two novels: The Flower of the Land: A Tapestry of the...
  • During the 1930s Ellen Barbara Sturgis lived in Toronto, where she published her only book.
  • Born in England, Ellen Ross immigrated to Montreal, where she published her best-selling novel, Violet Keith, in 1868.
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  • Born in Ireland, Ellen Vavasour Noel was well known for her poetry and fiction in Montreal and Toronto periodicals, published under the name of Mrs. J.V. Noel.
  • While living in Calgary, AB, Ellen Clutterbuck Jones contributed poetry to periodicals and published at least one volume of verse.
  • Elen Maud Graham is best known for her writings about her experience as a teacher in the South African concentrations camps after the South African War.
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    Born in New Brunswick, Ellen Murray moved to the southern United States where her writings supported her work in the education of freed slaves.
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  • During the Second World War, Elma Rose Machan was an active journalist and author of magazine short stories.
  • Elmira Elliott Atkinson was a pioneering Canadian woman journalist who was best known for her columns written in the name of "Madge Merton."
  • Eloise Skimings, known as "The Poetess of Lake Huron," was a distinctive local figure in Goderich, ON.
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    Eloise White Street is best known for facilitating the publication of the poems of Chief William K’HHalserten Sepass of the Skowkale people of British Columbia, which were translated into English...
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    Elsa Gidlow, author of the first openly lesbian book of poetry to be published in North America, resided in Montreal during her youth.
  • A sometime journalist, Elsie Bell Gardner was best known as the author of the popular "Maxie" series of girls' adventure novels.
  • Elsie Clarissa Porter Reed published her only novel, A Man Forbid (1935), under the name of "Else Reed."
  • Elsie Fry Laurence, the mother-in-law of author Margaret Laurence, was herself a writer whose work appeared in many magazines and in several several volumes of fiction and poetry.
  • The first woman aircraft designer in the world, Elsie Gregory MacGill published articles about aircraft and later wrote a biography of her mother.
  • A teacher in Toronto, Elsie M. Pomeroy wrote many biographies, including a book on poet Charles G.D. Roberts.
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    Elsie Caroline Woodley trained as a teacher, and published a chapbook of poetry in 1930.