• American-born writer Martha Banning Thomas was strongly associated with Nova Scotia, although she did not move there until the last decades of her life.
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    During her time in Canada, Irish-born Martha Craig wrote about her various experiences that ranged from meetings with Indigenous people to theories of reincarnation.
  • Based in Victoria, BC, Martha Eugenie Perry was an active journalist and poet whose work appeared in a wide range of periodicals.
  • Martha Louise Black was a colourful figure in the Yukon, where she variously engaged in mining, botany, and politics, becoming Canada's second female Member of Parliament in 1936. She published...
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    Born in Germany and based in Montreal, Martha Martin issued ten volumes of poetry.
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    Martha Ostenso spent part of her life in Manitoba which furnished the prairie setting of her best-known novel, the prize-winning Wild Geese (1925).
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    Based in Toronto, Mary A. Bucham published a single volume of poetry in 1905.
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    Mary Adair, who spent most of her life in Ontario, was a pioneer kindergarten teacher who authored a book of short pieces for the kindergarten classroom.
  • A career journalist in Toronto, Mary Adelaide Dawson was a founding member of the Canadian Women's Press Club.
  • Under the pen name “Lally Bernard,” a combination of her parents’ surnames, Mary Agnes Fitzgibbon became a well-known Toronto journalist.
  • A granddaughter of Susanna Moodie, Mary Agnes Fitzgibbon wrote about her travels and about the history of Ontario.
  • A leader in the professionalization of nursing, Toronto-based Mary Agnes Snively published articles and speeches about her work.
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    Mary Wilson Alloway spent much of life in Montreal where her interest in local history inspired her descriptive book, Famous Firesides of French Canada (1899), and her historical romance,Crossed...
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    Although she was born and died in the US, Mary Ann Shadd spent a significant portion of her life in Canada West, and was known for her pamphlets and journalism promoting racial equality.
  • Mary Anne Madden Sadlier, one of the most prominent and prolific Irish-Catholic authors in North America, spent much of her life in Montreal.
  • Alternately residing in Montreal and Ottawa, Mary Ann McIver contributed poems to Canadian and American periodicals and issued one book, entitled simply Poems, in 1869.
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    Mary B. Huber was based in Ontario and published many stories and poems in periodicals.
  • Well known as an artist, Maritimer Mary Barry Smith also contributed poetry to Canadian and American periodicals.
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    In 1851, Mary Bibb helped establish The Voice of the Fugitive, one the first Canadian periodicals directed by and intended for people of African descent, and likely wrote much of the content herself.
  • Born in Ontario, Mary Bourchier Sanford spent much of her life in the US, where she contributed fiction and non-fiction to many periodicals and published several works of historical fiction.
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    Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Mary Buchanan settled in Ontario where she published a volume of poetry in 1910.
  • A life-time resident of New Brunswick, Mary Coy Bradley recorded her fervent spiritual life in her published memoirs.
  • An immigrant from England who resided in British Columbia, Mary Edith Angus published a biography of her father and reflections on her own life.
  • Born in England, May Perceval Judge immigrated to British Columbia where she became an active participant in the Vancouver literary scene.
  • Dedicated to improving education for young women, Mary Electa Adams enjoyed a 50-year career that took her to 10 different institutions in Ontario and New Brunswick. At the end of her life, her...
  • A lifelong resident of Halifax, Mary Eliza Herbert contributed poetry and fiction to the city's literary culture.
  • Mary Elizabeth Colman was a well-known poet who spent much of her life in British Columbia.
  • Active in community service in Montreal and later in western Canada, Mary Elizabeth Hickson published several volumes of fiction.
  • Mary Elizabeth Jane Muchall, a daughter of Catharine Parr Traill, published poetry in periodicals and two books for children.
  • Mary Ellen Braden Macnab was a Halifax-based suffragist and Presbyterian social activist whose poems appeared in newspapers and periodicals.
  • Mary Esther Miller MacGregor was a prolific author of novels and biographies, many of which reflected her interest in the history of Canada.
  • A prolific author of children's stories, Mary Graham Bonner spent part of her life in Nova Scotia.
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    Mary Grannan was beloved by Canadian children for her Just Mary and Maggie Muggins stories broadcast over CBC radio (and later television) from the late 1930s to 1960 and published in many volumes.
  • Linnea McNally
  • A lifelong resident of Nova Scotia, Mary Jane Katzmann Lawson was involved in various aspects of literary production as an editor, bookstore owner, local historian, and published poet.
  • A committed member of the Methodist Church, Mary Jane Thayers published two volumes of poetry in Toronto after immigrating to Canada from England.
  • Mary Jemima McColl followed the example of her father, Evan McColl, in writing Scottish-Canadian poetry.
  • Mary Josephine Trotter Benson was an active journalist in Toronto as well as a published poet.
  • Maritime author Mary Kinley Ingraham contributed poetry to a wide range of periodicals and also published several volumes of non-fiction.