• Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables (1908) and many other books, remains one of Canada’s best-known writers at home and abroad.
  • Luella Bruce Creighton spent her adult life in Toronto where she published numerous stories while her children were young, before embarking on novels and historical narratives.
  • In addition to publishing a volume of poetry, Lydia Agnes Edwards also wrote patriotic verse about the South African war.
  • Lydia Appleton was a teacher in townships near present-day Toronto, where she published her only book of poems, entitled Miscellaneous Poems, Moral and Religious, Written On Various Occasions (1850).
  • Although Lydia Campbell had little formal education, near the end of her life the Labrador Métis woman wrote an account of her early life that has now recognized as a significant historical document.
  • A lifelong resident of Ontario, Lydia Leavitt issued three books, one of which was inspired by her visit to Australia iin 1887.
  • Lydia Jutsum Taylor spent five years in Canada, which served as the setting for her only book, a prize-winning novel.
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    Ontario-based writer Lyn Cook (b. 1918) is best known for her fiction for children. She also wrote many stories for CBC radio, some of them adapted from her own books.
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    There is little confirmed biographical information about M.A. Nicholl, who as "Stella," published Lays from the West (1884), a collection of poems regarded as the first volume of poetry written by...
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    A trained journalist, Maara Haas was based in Winnipeg, MB, where she published in many genres, including some work that addressed a Ukrainian-Canadian readership.
  • During the 1920s, Mabel Broughton Billett lived in British Columbia, which served as the setting for most of her detective fiction.
  • Ontario author Mabel Burns McKinley wrote a novel based on her missionary experiences in China, as well as four volumes of biography.
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    The first trained librarian in Ontario, Mabel Dunham wrote fiction and non-fiction based on local history.
  • Based in Hamilton, ON, Mabel Burkholder was a well-known columnist and author with a particular interest in regional history.
  • Before her early death, Montreal-born Mabel Hodgson Gurd published two volumes of fiction.
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    Mabel Ray was an avid organizer of women's sports in Toronto, about which she authored newspaper articles.
  • The first woman in Canada to receive a PhD in the field of geology and palaeontology, Madeleine Fritz produced an extensive list of scholarly publications, many in association with the Royal...
  • In 1919, a woman known only as "Madeleine Blair" published an autobiographical account of her life as a prostitute in the US and a successful madam in frontier Alberta.
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    Author of many books of fiction and non-fiction, Madge Macbeth was a vibrant literary and social personality in Ottawa and the first woman president of the Canadian Authors Association.
  • Madge Robertson, the first woman to receive an MA from the University of Toronto, was a prominent journalist who was best known for her work with Women's Institutes, an organization that promoted...
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    Born in Wales and raised in British Columbia, Maisie Hurley established the Native Voice magazine in 1946.
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    Malca Friedman spent most of her life in Montreal, where she wrote poems and stories drawing on her Jewish heritage.
  • Poet Melvina Pasmore spent much of her adult life in England before returning to Montreal in the 1930s.
  • Margaret Addison, the first dean of women at Victora College, articulated her advocacy of higher education for women in magazine articles and a posthumously published travel journal.
  • A prominent activist, Margaret Fairley edited and contributed to left-wing periodicals and also edited volumes of Canadian and British writing.
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  • Margaret Blennerhassett temporarily lived in Montreal, where she published two volumes of poetry in the 1820s.
  • Margaret Arnett MacLeod spent most of her life in Manitoba, where her serious commitment to the history of western Canada resulted in many books and contributions to periodicals.
  • Margaret Avison spent most of her adult life in Toronto, where she was well-known as the author of intellectually sophisticated poetry.
  • Margaret Bell Saunders served as a war correspondent for the Toronto Globe in France and Belgium in 1915 and later published a novel.
  • Throughout her long life, journalist Margaret Bemister wrote for newspapers and published stories for children.
  • After settling in Ontario, Margaret Bossance Boreham turned to writing poetry later in her life.
  • Born in England, Margaret Clarke Russell spent her adult life in Ontario and wrote primarily for children.
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    Newfoundland author Margaret Duley achieved international recognition for her four novels.
  • After her early death from tuberculosis, friends of Margaret Elizabeth DesBrisay published her writings in a memorial volume.