• Julia Catherine Beckwith Hart is credited as the first English-speaking Canadian-born novelist, with the publication of St. Ursula's Convent; Or, The Nun of Canada in 1824.
  • Julia Colliton Flewellyn wrote two novels and a play that support her causes of Sabbath observance and temperance.
  • Julia Grace Wales was better known for her work as a peace activist and a Shakespeare scholar than for her small output of poetry.
  • Born in England and then based in Ontario, Julia McKinnell wrote verse that reflected her commitment to the Presbyterian Church and published a single volume, Couchiching Carols, in 1889.
  • After settling in Vancouver where she was active as a journalist, Julia Henshaw became well-known for her publications about wild flowers.
  • English writer Juliana Horatia Ewing spent two years in New Brunswick, which were reflected in some of her subsequent writing.
  • Social activist June Callwood was well known as a Toronto journalist and as the author of books about the rights of the sick, the poor, and the marginalized, especially children and women.
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    Kate Aitken shared her home-making expertise with women across Canada through her popular radio broadcasts, her print journalism, and her many cook books and books of etiquette.
  • The poetry of Kate Douglas Ramage, who lived in Quebec's Eastern Townships, appeared in the local newspaper and was issued in a posthumous volume shortly after her death.
  • Kate Barry Bottomley published two novels before her marriage and returned to writing in her later years.
  • Kate Ruttan, daughter of Ingersoll "Cheese Poet" James McIntyre, was an idiosyncratic occasional poet.
  • Kate Seymour MacLean was well-known as an nationalistic Ontario poet.
  • The first woman journalist in Western Canada, Kate Simpson Hayes also published poetry, fiction, and drama.
  • Kate Eva Westlake Yeigh was a journalist based in various Ontario towns.
  • English-born artist Katharine Emma Maltwood settled in Victoria, BC, where she published several of her works on Buddhism, theosophy, philosophy, and mythology.
  • A privileged English woman, Katharine Götsch-Trevelyan enjoyed a three-month trek across Canada in 1930 and described her visit in her subsequent travel narrative.
  • Katharine Sophia Bagg took an extensive journey that inspired her only book, Reminiscences of a Cruise in the Mediterranean and a Visit to the Holy Land and Egypt (1910).
  • A textile expert who worked at the Royal Ontario Museum, Katherine Maw Brett authored books and articles on the history of fabrics and clothing.
  • A professional journalist, Katherine Hughes also published biographies and non-fiction, some of which reflected her sympathies with Irish nationalism.
  • Born in Toronto, Katherine Livingstone Macpherson spent most of her life in Montreal, where she contributed poetry to magazines and wrote several books about French Canada.
  • Born in Ottawa, Kitty Marcuse was a professional writer adept in many genres, from radio and television plays for children, to stories for romance magazines and Playboy.
  • A life-long resident of Winnipeg, MB, journalist Katherine Queen-Hughes was one of Canada's first woman sports reporters.
  • A cousin of author Grace Blackburn, Kathleen Blackburn contributed stories to periodicals and published one novel.
  • Scholar Kathleen Coburn, who devoted her career to editing the notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, spent most of her life in Toronto where she taught at Victoria College.
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    A leader in the professionalization of nursing in Canada, Kathleen Ellis published many articles in the Canadian Nurse.
  • Kathleen Lizars collaborated with her sister, Robina Lizars, on three books of fiction and non-fiction about the history of Ontario.
  • A lifelong resident of Newfoundland, Kathleen Mary English published one novel.
  • Born near London, England, Kathleen Strange came to Canada in 1920 to start a new life on an Alberta wheat farm, an experience recorded in her best-known book, With the West in Her Eyes (1937). Her...
  • Kathryn E. Colquhoun published poetry and drama, and was an active member of the Vancouver literary community.
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    Born in Nova Scotia, Kathryn Munro Tupper became an active poet following her marriage to Reverend Joseph Freeman Tupper, who was also a writer. Under the name “Kathryn Munro” she published five...
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    New Brunswick poet Kay Smith was well acquainted with the leading Canadian modernists. Her work appeared in major literary magazines and in six volumes of verse.
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    Irish-born Kit Coleman was a popular newspaper journalist in Toronto. In 1897 she was accredited as the world's first woman war correspondent when the Toronto Mail and Empire sent her to Cuba to...
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    Born in Quebec, Laeta Ramage, sister of author Kate Ramage (1855-1883), published short stories and a novel, but spent most of her life outside of Canada.
  • Born in England, actress Laura Agnes Stevenson found her way to Prince Edward Island where she published her only book, The Ladies Benevolent and Industrial Sallymag Society, in 1868.
  • A brilliant and irascible Toronto journalist, Laura B. Durand wrote for the Globe and edited a posthumous volume of the poetry of her sister, Evelyn Durand.
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    Laura Bedell spent most of her life in Ontario, where her poetry appeared in numerous periodicals and several volumes.
  • Laura E. McCully was a suffrage activist and author of two volumes of poetry.
  • A life-long resident of Ontario, Laura Nixon Haynes published five volumes of poetry that ranged widely in both style and content.
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    Poet Laura Ridley is best known for editing the Crucible literary magazine with her sister, Hilda.