• Under the pen name of "Katherine Hale," Amelia Beers Warnock Garvin was well known as a journalist, writer, and active member of the Toronto literary community.
  • Born in Toronto. ON, Amelia E. Johnson became one of the first North American Black writers to publish a novel.
  • Born into a network of distinguished Nova Scotia families, Amelia Johnston Weatherbe was known as a local poet long before she issued her only volume, Songs of the Valley and Other Verses, in 1921.
  • Lady Amelia Matilda Murray visited Canada in 1854 and included her observations about the country in her subsequently published book of travel letters.
  • Amelia Ryerse Harris kept a diary about life in Upper Canada and published an account of her family's history.
  • Born in Nova Scotia, Amy Clare Giffin published stories and poems in periodicals.
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    Born in England, Amy Parkinson spent much of her life as an invalid in Toronto where she published inspirational poems.
  • Amy Redpath Roddick was a lifelong Montrealer who published over a dozen volumes of verse, plays, and verse drama.
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    Gertrude Bernard, of Mohawk and Algonquin ancestry, was publicly known as "Anahareo," the name given to her by her partner Archie Belaney, better known as the faux-Native "Grey Owl." After Grey Owl...
  • A life-long resident of Newfoundland, Anastasia English published short stories and several novels.
  • Karyn Huenemann
  • Angéline Hango published just one book, Truthfully Yours (1948), a light-hearted account of French-Canadian family life that won the Oxford-Crowell Competition of 1947 and the Stephen Leacock Award...
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    At the age of thirteen, Ann Bruyères wrote a poem in commemoration of the fallen General Brock during the War of 1812. Very little information is known about this author; this poem is her only...
  • Primarily an educator, Ann Cuthbert Fleming published instructive books for children as well as poetry.
  • Ann de Bertrand Lugrin, who published as N. de Bertrand Lugrin, was a well-known journalist and author in Victoria, BC.
  • The poetry of Anna Beatrice Smith was issued in a posthumous volume in 1937, after she died of tuberculosis.
  • Well-known British writer Anna Brownell Jameson published an account of her travels in Upper Canada in 1836-1837.
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    Anna Buchan visited Canada during her brother's tenure as Governor-General and wrote positively about the country in her autobiography.
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    Anna DeGraf left a memoir of her life in the Yukon from 1892 to 1917 that was published posthumously in 1992.
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    Anna Leonowens settled in Halifax NS, after working as governess to the many children of the king of Siam, and recording her experiences in her memoirs.
  • Anna May Wilson, who sometimes used the pseudonym "Anison North", was an Ontario-based teacher and journalist who published four well-received historical novels.
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    Anna Montreuil won the Quebec Literary Competition Award for her first and only novel, Dumb-Bell (1929).
  • After writing her first poem to commemorate the death of her son in First World War, Anna Peel Durie published several volumes of verse and prose.
  • Over the course of her life, Anna Rebecca Hunt published two novels and two volumes of poetry.
  • Anna Theresa Sadlier, a daughter of Mary Anne Sadlier (1820-1903), followed in her mother's footsteps as a prolific author of Catholic fiction and non-fiction.
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    A lifetime resident of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Anne Alley published poems in the Charlottetown Patriot and issued one volume, Leaflets of Verse (1925).
  • Journalist Anne Elizabeth Wilson worked in many aspects of Canadian publishing in the 1920s. She was known for her poetry and her love of animals.
  • While residing in the US, Anne Helena Woodruff published three children's books set in her home town of St. Davids, ON.
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    Anne Langton emigrated to Upper Canada with her brother's family in 1837. She recorded her experiences in letters and journals that circulated widely in manuscript before being published posthumously.
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    BC Poet Anne Marriot lept to public acclaim with her first chapbook, The Wind Our Enemy (1939), and continued to write poetry throughout the rest of her life.
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    Anne Merrill, sister of author Helen Merrill, was a pioneer woman reporter in western Canada and an occasional poet.
  • The course of Anne Murray Powell's eventful life, from milliner's apprentice to judge's wife, is recorded in her copious letters that were published long after her death.
  • Ontario-based Anne Sutherland Brooks was a well-known poet who often wrote for children.
  • Active in community service in Montreal, poet Anna Beatrice Hickson contributed to many periodicals and issued one volume of verse.
  • A resident of Montreal, Annie Bethune McDougald wrote poetry that expressed her strong sense of patriotism.
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    In 1870-71, Annie Butler accompanied her mariner husband on a 13-month voyage from Nova Scotia to South America, recording her experiences in a diary that was later published.
  • Deafness did not prevent Annie Charlotte Dalton from enjoying a lengthy writing life as poet, while living in Vancouver, BC.
  • After immigrating from England, Annie Fowler Rothwell Christie lived in or near Kingston, ON, and contributed poems and serialized novels to many different periodicals.
  • Annie Garland Foster spent much of her adult life in British Columbia, where she was variously a nurse, teacher, politician, and journalist. In 1931, she published the first extended study of...
  • Musician Annie Glen Broder made numerous contributions to the cultural life of Calgary, AB, where she was active as a journalist and published one volume of poetry.