• Born in London in 1836, Rosetta Marham published two books after she immigrated to Canada in 1871.
  • Linnea McNally
  • Long-time principal of Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, Rose Grier published a volume of poems that express her Christian values.
  • KAryn Huenemann
  • Rozelle V. Myers-Funnell, who received her MD from Queen's University in 1890, published a booklet of poetry in 1897.
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    Ruby Friedman spent most of her life in Montreal where she contributed poems and stories—many of them written for children—to various newspapers and magazines.
  • 2018-05-18
    Under the pen name "Wilhelmia Stitch," Ruth Collie published many volumes of popular poetry.
  • Daryn Wright
  • Ruth Massey Tovell, member of the illustrious Massey family, expressed her interest in art history in a novel about art forgery and in two books on Flemish art.
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    An accomplished athlete in many sports, Ruth Wilson briefly worked as a sports journalist in Vancouver.
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    Sadie Gairns worked as Dr. Frederick Banting's research assistant and co-authored many of his research papers.
  • Sarah Olivia Prince, known as "Sadie," spent her life in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and issued one collection of poems in 1890.
  • When she took over the Vancouver Daily World in 1901, following the death of her husband, Sara Anne McLagan became the first woman to own a daily newspaper in Canada.
  • Born in Northern Ireland, Sara E. Carsley immigrated to western Canada where she achieved recognition as a poet and active member of the Calgary branch of the Canadian Authors Association.
  • Sara Eaton Bosse, sister of authors Winnifred Eaton and Edith Maude Eaton, was an artist who also wrote about Asian cooking.
  • Ontario-born Sara Jeanette Duncan achieved considerable recognition for her many ironic novels and other writings that draw on her experiences in Canada, the US, England, and India.
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    Sara Mickle wrote about the need to preserve historic sites and monuments in Ontario.
  • Linnea McNally
  • Born in England, Sarah Anne Curzon wrote in different genres after coming to Canada, including several works about Laura Secord.
  • Born in New Brunswick, Sarah Edmonds published an autobiographical account of her service in the Union Army during the American Civil War while disguised as a man.
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    Sarah Herbert spent most of her brief life in Halifax NS, where she published fiction and poetry, much of which advanced the cause of temperance.
  • Born in New Brunswick, Sarah Jameson Craig published some periodical poems and left manuscript memoirs that describe her complex, itinerant life as a social reformer.
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    Sarah Lovell, wife of Montreal publisher John Lovell, published a cookbook in 1904 and her memoirs in 1908.
  • Karyn Huenemann
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    The poetry of Winnipeg resident Sheila Barbour was published in several major periodicals and occasionally set to music.
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    Reporter Simma Holt is best known for her outspoken commentary on Canadian social issues.
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    Nova Scotia author and scholar Sister Maura, née Mary Power, published numerous volumes of poetry, plays, and literary criticism.
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    Fluent in Cree that she learned from her mother, Sophia Mason assisted with the Cree translation of the Bible, for which only her husband received credit.
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    Sophia Street is best known for translating Sepass Poems: The Songs of Y-Ail-Mihth at the request of Chief William K’HHalserten Sepass of the Skowkale people.
  • Born in Nova Scotia, Sophia Almon Hensley wrote poetry, journalism and non-fiction, and spent much of her writing life in New York.
  • Raised in Ontario, Stella Asling Riis was known for her interest in Scandinavian culture and for writing historical fiction.
  • In addition to fulfilling the onerous duties associated with being the wife of Canada's first prime minister, Lady Agnes MacDonald published magazine articles about her travels and her observations...
  • During her husband's tenure as Governor-General of Canada (1935-1940), Charlotte Grosvenor Buchan (Lady Tweedsmuir) wrote several plays, followed by a book about Canada after her return to England.
  • Under her pen name of "Seranus," Susan Frances Harrison was a prominent musician and author of poetry, fiction, and music criticism.
  • An immigrant to British Columbia, Susan Allison wrote some stories and poetry but is best known for her later recollections of her early life.
  • Susan Sibbald settled comfortably in Upper Canada in the 1830s and recorded her experiences in her The Memoirs of Susan Sibbald, 1783-1812, published posthumously in 1926.
  • Member of an illustrious Nova Scotia family, Susan Morrow Jones published magazine stories and seven novels.
  • A trained medical doctor, Susie Carson Rijnhart wrote a book about her experiences as a missionary in Tibet.
  • Susanna Haliburton, eldest daughter of Nova Scotian writer Thomas Chandler Haliburton, published a catalogue of her china collection in 1880.
  • Susanna Maria Smyth regularly contributed her stories and poems to newspapers in England before she came to Canada. After she immigrated to Ontario, her work appeared in the Toronto Globe and also...