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    Fanny Gwilt spent most of her life in Montreal and published much of her work under the pseudonym "Maple Leaf."
  • After excelling as one of Canada's foremost women athletes, Bobby Rosenfeld then became a major female sports reporter.
  • Born in the West Indies, Frances Wood Musgrave settled in Nova Scotia where she was known as a social reformer and the author of articles and fiction.
  • After receiving her doctorate from the University of Toronto, Flora MacKinnon published several works in her field of philosophy.
  • Based in Ontario, Flora MacDonald Denison was an avid suffrage journalist.
  • Born in China to Canadian parents, Florence Wheelock Asycough devoted much of her life to interpreting Chinese culture. Her many writings include collaborations with her life-long friend, American...
  • Karyn Huenemann
  • Florence Deacon Black was a pioneering Canadian journalist and a recognized poet.
  • Often using the pen name "Jemima Remington," Florence Edith Bevans published stories and poems about pets.
  • A longtime resident of Toronto, Florence Elizabeth Westacott frequently contributed stories and poems to Canadian periodicals. Her only volume of poetry, The City Dweller and Other Poems (1935),...
  • A life-long resident of Saint John, NB, Florence Estabrooks published work in variety of genres, including poetry and family history.
  • During the First World War, Florence McPhedran spent several years in England where she worked as a correspondent for the Toronto Daily Star.
  • Phebe Florence Miller was known as the "poetess-laureate of Newfoundland" for her serious and humorous verse.
  • A lifetime resident of Ontario, Florence Sherk worked as a teacher and then as a journalist. She published several volumes of non-fiction and one book of poetry.
  • Despite spending most of her life in the United States, Florence Ralston Werum retained her Canadian identity and published in many Canadian periodicals.
  • The mother of Dorothy Livesay, Florence Randal Livesay was a Winnipeg-based journalist, poet, translator, and author of stories.
  • The work of Ontario poet Florence Robina Monkman appeared in many periodicals and anthologies.
  • Based in BC after her marriage to a Methodist minister, Florence Sarah Hall wrote many articles advocating temperance and women's suffrage.
  • Florence Steiner spent most of her life in Toronto and Winnipeg, where she was known as a journalist and a poet for children.
  • Author of one book of verse, Florence Clark McLaren was a prominent member of the poetry community in Victoria, BC, where she joined with Dorothy Livesay, Anne Marriott, and Doris Ferne to found...
  • Born in Ontario, Flos Jewell Williams wrote four novels after shen moved to Calgary.
  • Frances Jones Bannerman was better known as a painter than as a poet.
  • Frances Beatrice Taylor published several volumes of verse while also working as a full-time journalist at the London Free Press.
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    British author Frances Brooke spent about four years in Canada, the setting for her novel The History of Emily Montague (1769).
  • Upon immgrating from Ireland to the backwoods of Upper Canada, Frances Stewart recorded her experiences in letters that were later published.
  • Frances Elizabeth Herring moved from England to New Westminster, BC, where she became a journalist and novelist.
  • Frances Ebbs-Canavan spent most of her life in Victoria, BC, where she worked as a journalist and published several books.
  • The writings of Frances Elizabeth Murray, a life-long resident of New Brunswick, largely concerned her commitment to the Church of England.
  • Frances Fenwick Williams was a Montreal-based feminist and suffrage leader who expressed her views in her journalism and fiction.
  • Although Frances Gillmor was born in the US, where she became a university professor, she considered herself a Canadian due to her family’s roots in New Brunswick, where she spent the happy...
  • A successful author in many genres, Frances Shelley Wees is best known for her many detective novels.
  • An immigrant from the Netherlands, Frances van Hoogenhouck Tulleken lectured about folk culture and crafts, and wrote a chapter for a book on Canadian crafts that was never published.
  • Pacifist and activist Francis Marion Beynon is best known for her autobiographical novel, Aleta Day (1919).
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    Internationally known for her outstanding writings in French, Gabrielle Roy also published some pieces in English.
  • Georgina Binnie-Clark was an English-born journalist who recounted her efforts as a single woman homesteader in Saskatchewan in her best-known book, Wheat and Woman (1914).
  • Mary White was a well-known Toronto journalist during the first decades of the twentieth century.
  • A life-long resident of Victoria, BC, Georgina Seymour Waitt published one book. Her novel Three Girls Under Canvas (1900), is an anecdotal account of the adventures of three independent young...
  • Gertrude Balmer Watt was known for her editing of Alberta periodicals and her newspaper columns that were collected into her two books about the West.