My name is Eva, and I am going to talk about a Sunday in my life during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It is very odd to be living in a time such as this but doing little things throughout it allows for a some normalcy. Due to the pandemic, I decided to live at home with my parents during the Fall 2020 semester as I wanted to ensure that I was healthy and safe. 


Sunday's are fairly lax in my family. I woke up and had breakfast. Afterwards, I took my dogs for a walk, as the picture to the right shows, on a golf course a few streets over from my house. There is a path that people walk on, but due to covid, I don't walk there anymore because it is very crowded. Now that golf season is over, I can take my dogs and let them off the leash to run around and the best part is that there are very few people. Throughout the day I usually study and in between sessions I will facetime or zoom with my friends from school who are all over Canada. 



Later in the afternoon I had to go to the dentist which still feels bizarre even after almost eight months of the pandemic. When I got to the door, they took my temperature, and I sanitized my hands. Then when I was getting my teeth cleaned, I of course, had to take my mask off. The hygienist and dentist had masks on, but no face shields. I still get nervous when having to go to places like the dentist but after doing it a few times it feels normal-ish. 


During the pandemic, my family has been using online shopping as a way to get our essentials such as hand sanitizer and masks. This is so we don't have to go out into public and interact with people as we are trying to minimize that. On the one hand it is good for that reason, but also, we are contributing to the use of plastic and other waste which is not ideal.


Every Sunday Night my family, including my Grandma and my Uncles and Aunts, participate in a zoom trivia night. It is a nice way to connect with family members that are living all over North America. One of my uncles lives in Texas and Florida which are not necessarily the places you want to be living in the United States during covid as case numbers are rising. As well, on Trivia night, I get to see my brother and sister who don't live at home. My sister lives in Halifax and my brother lives in Guelph. 


Living during a world-wide pandemic is definitely odd and I did not see my university experience going this way. However, as much as the it sucks, there are some positives that have come out with it. I look forward to the day when I don't have to wear a mask and I can hug family members as well as hang out with my friends and not have to socially distance.