A day in the life of Georgia during COVID-19

A Day in the Life of Georgia Bradley November 13, 2020

5:00 AM
I woke up at to get ready for work (Book store at the mall)
I put on my all black work clothes and chose my face maks that has sloths on it
5:30 Am
My roommate who also works at indigo is also awake for their shift so together we had some Orange Pekoe Tea to wake ourselves up
I packed a granola bar and Welch’s fruit snack for my 15-minute break at work
5:45 AM
We left to go to work, making sure that I did not forget my face mask
5:55 AM
We arrived at work and went to the staff room to put my bag and water bottle away
6:00 AM
I started my shift
9:00 AM
I had my 15-minute break where I drank water and ate my granola bar and welch’s
I read on my phone for the last bit of my break
9:15 AM
I got back to work
11:00 AM
I finished my shift and went home 
11:10 AM
We got home and cleaned my face, it always feels gross after wearing my face mask for five hours
I changed out of my work clothes into sweatpants and a large sweater with fuzzy socks 
11:30 AM
We ate some lunch, just leftovers from the day before
12:00 PM
To have a break before starting school work my roommates and I watch some T.V
We are re-watching the T.V show, a crime show staring an anthropologist and we are currently on the seventh season
I also played some Animal Crossing on my Nintendo Switch 
2:00 PM
I started getting ready to do some school work, I only have one class on Fridays but I also the discussions for my other courses. 
4:30 PM
I emptied the clean dishwasher and put the dirty dishes away so my roommate could start cooking dinner
5:30 PM
My roommates started cooking dinner (they cook, I clean) and I sat on the couch browsing social media 
6:35 PM
My roommates made homemade pizza and we ate that while we watched more T.V
10:30 PM
We stopped watching tv and began to get ready for bed
I prepared my bag and work clothes because I have work again at 12 the next day
And then I read in bed until I felt sleepy
12:10 AM
I put my phone down on my bedside table and went to sleep.

Photo of a Driver in the Dark by Dominik Reallife

A photo of a pizza on a cutting board by Chad Montano

Photo of a person holding a T.V. remote by Erik Mclean