Adding structural tags in the structural panel

In each document that you enter there is a pre-existing XML template that contains the basic tags necessary for that type document. You can add new structural tags to the document easily.

  1. Select a tag in the structural panel and right click. To insert a tag, you must first select the tag alone, and not the contents, by right/ctrl/command clicking twice.

    In the Markup panel, a single click right click (or control click on a Mac) selects both the tag and the contents. Deleting will delete both. A double click selects the content of the tag only. Deleting deletes the text only and more text can then be typed to replace it.
  2. This will bring up a menu with three options that allow you to insert a tag.
    • Insert Tag Before allows you to insert a tag before the tag you have right clicked on.
    • Insert Tag After allows you to insert a tag after the tag you have right-clicked on (skipping over any nested tags within the tag you have clicked on).
    • Insert Tag Inside this will insert a new tag nested within the initial tag you clicked on.
    • Insert Tag Around will insert a tag surrounding the selected tag.
  3. Once you have selected one of the Insert options, choose a tag from the list that appears.

    The tags that you can select, under each Insert option, are limited to tags that are allowed (according to the schema).
  4. Once you select the tag you would like to add to the structure panel a pop-up appear that allows you to add qualifying information to the tag. Once you have finished, click on OK.
    You do not have to enter any additional information if you don't want to. You can just press OK as soon as you see this pop-up.

You have now added a new structure tag. In the image below you can see we have added a new "time" tag in the document structure, by following the above steps.