Adjust Settings

An introduction to the various ways to customize the graph.
Table 1. Intro to Settings
Feature Description Example

Reset settings to default mode.

  • Label Size
  • Boxed Labels
  • Edge Labels
  • etc.
Adjust node and edge labels.

  • Charge
  • Gravity
  • Link Distance
Adjust node configuration:
  • repulsion between nodes (charge),
  • attraction to the centre of the graph (gravity)
  • length of links (link distance)

  • Shelf Radius
  • Fisheye Zoom
  • Fisheye Radius
  • etc.
Control size and proportion of visual elements like shelf, nodes, edges, etc.

**Tip: Fisheye Zoom and Fisheye Radius act as a magnifying glass to make large datasets easier to comprehend.

  • Dark Theme
  • Drop Shadows
  • Display Angle
  • etc.
Additional ways to stylize the graph.

Captions Add a title to the graph.

**Tip: The filename of the dataset is the default title. To edit the title/subtitle choose "Custom Captions" in the dropdown menu.

SPARQL Adjust SPARQL query settings; used to search for and generate a dataset from a database, as opposed to using a dataset that has been pre-loaded from a turtle file.

**Tip: SPARQL queries can generate enormous datasets. To limit the graph size adjust the "Default Node Limit."