Juliana's Day in the Life During COVID-19 as Told by Fig the Hedgehog

An African Pygmy hedgehog's face poking out of a white plastic PVC tube. 

Hello, my name is Fig! I know what you may be thinking: "I thought this was a human's 'Day in the Life' not a hedgehog's. Also...how is a hedgehog writing this?!" To this I say: some things must be kept a ~ secret ~. I'll be narrating my mom's 'Day in the Life' because her day is shaped around me anyways *hehe* 







A photograph of the WebAdvisor homepage for student Juliana C. This is taken on a computer. 

7:45-8AM: Mom wakes up and opens up the rectangle thing that she stares at all day (I think it's called a computer?). She waits until 8 AM to register for her courses for next semester. I hope that the courses don't keep her too busy because I need attention too!





A chocolate chip peanut crunch CLIFF bar and coffee in a turquoise mug that has the text "Ugh." on it. Both are on a black desk. 

8:45 AM: Mom makes coffee and has breakfast. While eating, she goes on her smaller rectangular device (a phone I think it's called), and looks at Twitter.  I'm jealous that a blue bird gets an application, I want a hedgehog app!! 


9-10 AM: Schoolwork 












A rolled up turquoise yoga mat. Photo taken from a bird's eye view. 

10-10:45 AM: Pilates class. Mom does her exercises and I sleep * Zzzz.... *


11:00-1 PM: Mom becomes glued to her computer again revising her essay for another class. She also sends a bunch of emails to people. 


1-2:15 PM: Mom has a meeting with a peer for a presentation in three days. She has it on this web application called 'Zoom.' I 'zoom' too when I run on my wheel. 


2:20 PM: Mom has a slice of leftover pizza for lunch! 

A photo of a Slack post by the author that says: "Lol it looks like part of my day in the life is going to be 'reacting to everyone's slack messages after class time.'" Under the text there are emoji reactions. Four are the laughing crying face, one are the side eye emoji, one is the pointer finger, 3 is a meme of an animated person, and one is a long dark green creature's head expanding horizontally. 

2:30-3:30. PM: Mom has class. She types on her computer a lot and laughs at random times. I think she enjoys this class. 




Pictured is the front half of a hedgehog on a black surface. 

6 PM: I have been awakened and summoned for playtime with mom. She lets me roam around her room! Here is me on her desk chair.


7 PM: Mom has dinner (leftover pizza again). 




A steeping tea bag with red tea in a turquoise mug. Photo shot from a bird's eye view. 

10 PM: A nice cup of passion tea in bed!












A hedgehog with a scrunched up face in the foreground of the photo. His paw is up in the air to make it look like he is waving. 

Thanks for reading!!! Stay safe during this pandemic!! Bye!!!