• After earning a doctorate in classical archaeology, Cornelia Harcum moved from the United States to Toronto, where she published on ancient Greek and Roman culture.
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    Journalist Corolyn Cox wrote biographical sketches that were subsequently collected into her only known book, Canadian Strength (1946).
  • Born in England, Daisy Louise Saunders spent her adult life in western Canada and published a collection of poetry in 1926.
  • Daisy McLeod Wright spent much of her adult life in Nova Scotia where she wrote her only volume of poetry, which was published in 1915.
  • Rigorously educated by her father, Deborah How Cottnam was renowned as a teacher and poet in Nova Scotia and Massachusetts. Her poems, which circulated in manuscript during her lifetime, have been...
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    Born in England, Diana Bayley spent close to twenty years in the Canadian colonies, where she contributed to the periodical press and became known as the first Canadian resident to publish children...
  • Dr. Donalda Dickie was an outstanding educator who published many textbooks for children and guidelines for teachers.
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    A devout Anglican, Dora Farncomb wrote poetry, stories, and journalism that reflected her religious perspective.
  • Toronto-based Dora Mavor Moore pursued a life in Canadian theatre and founded the influential New Play Society in 1946.
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    Feminist author and journalist Doris Anderson was active in many areas of Canadian life, and made a major impact as editor of Chatelaine magazine from 1957 to 1977.
  • English-born Dorothea Allison settled in the interior of British Columbia, where she became known for writing poetry for both children and adults.
  • Dorothy Abraham came to Canada as a war bride in 1919 and lived on the west coast of British Columbia, where she documented her experiences in several published volumes.
  • Dorothy Choate Herriman published one volume of poetry in Toronto in 1929.
  • Best known for more than fifty popular romances issued under the pen name of Anne Duffield, Dorothy Dean Tate spent some of her childhood years in Canada, where she published her first novel in 1917.
  • Dorothy Dumbrille was best known for her poetry and for her books about settlers in the Glengarry region of Ontario.
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    American-born Dorothy Duncan moved to Montreal after her marriage to author Hugh MacLennan. A very effective author of non-fiction, she won the Governor-General’s Award for creative non-fiction...
  • Dorothy Roberts Leisner, a member of the literary Roberts family of New Brunswick, was well known as a poet.
  • Dorothy Burnham enjoyed a long career in the textile department at the Royal Ontario Museum, which led to her many publications in the field of Canadian and global textiles and costumes.
  • Dorothy Livesay was prominent as a poet and social activist throughout her long life, which spanned the twentieth century.
  • While living in Montreal, Dorothy Sproule was a prolific poet and an active participant in the city's cultural life.
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    E. Cora Hind was a suffrage activist and a celebrated agricultural journalist in Western Canada, known for her ability to accurately estimate grain crop yields.
  • Ontario-based poet Edith Beatrice Henderson contributed to many periodicals and issued two volumes of verse.
  • Edith Catherine Slater published her poems in local Ontario newspapers and issued one volume of verse.
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    The daughter of a British father and a Chinese mother, Edith Eaton grew up in Montreal and became one of the first North American writers of Asian descent to address issues of race.
  • Born in Nova Scotia, Edith Ferguson Black published moral stories for young readers.
  • Nova Scotian Edith Jessie Archibald was better known for her social activism and suffrage work than for her literary writing.
  • Edith Lelean Groves championed children's education by serving on the Toronto School Board and writing poetry and plays for school use.
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    Edith M. Luke lived in Westmount, QC and wrote magaine articles, including an important essay on woman suffrage that appeared in 1895.
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    Deeply involved in the musical and cultural life of Toronto, Edith Mulock published one volume of poetry.
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    After the breakdown of her marriage, during the Depression Edna Jaques supported her daughter by writing homespun poems that proved extremely popular.
  • Poet Edna Lillian Morley achieved significant recognition in her home town of Milverton, ON, as a local historian.
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    A lifetime resident of Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Edna Staebler was an award-winning journalist and life-time diarist who was best known for her series of cookbooks based on Mennonite cuisine.
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  • Calgary poet Elaine M. Catley issued six volumes of verse over the course of her long life.
  • Eleanor Caroline Smyth recorded her experiences in Victoria, BC, in a memoir that was published in 1916.
  • Eleanor Corkhill Addison spent most of her life in the US, and published four volumes of poetry between 1928 and 1940.
  • Eleanor Cripps Kennedy came to Western Canada from England as an Anglican missionary and composed an unpublished memoir of her experiences.
  • Journalist Eleanor McNaught also published poetry and short stories in Canadian periodicals.