• Margaret Ethelind Sawtell, a military wife from the island of Guernsey, published her poetry in Montreal in 1840 to raise funds when she found herself suddenly widowed.
  • Margaret-Gertrude Lang-Miller self-published her only book of poetry, Gleanings Along the Highways, in 1934 in Hamilton, ON.
  • Maritimer Margaret Gill Currie published poetry that honoured the United Empire Loyalists.
  • A founding member of the Canadian Women's Press Club, Margaret Graham became a career journalist after first training as a teacher.
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    After her early death, Margaret Laing's parents published her poems in a posthumous volume.
  • Margaret MacLean developed a career as the first public educator at the Royal Ontario Museum and published many articles about the Museum's holdings.
  • After achieving instant fame with her best-selling novel, Beautiful Joe (1893), Marshall Saunders enjoyed a lifetime career of writing fiction that promoted animal welfare.
  • Born and raised in Kitchener, ON, followed by a move to California, Margaret Millar enjoyed a long career as a successful author of mystery novels.
  • Outspoken and energetic, Margaret Murray enjoyed a colourful career in journalism in rural British Columbia, where she became known as "Ma Murray."
  • Born in Scotland, Margaret Murray Robertson came to Canada as a child and published fourteen novels that advocated active Christian values.
  • A highly recognized agricultural researcher, Margaret Newton published many scientific papers relating to her specialization in plant rusts.
  • Margaret Pauline Anderson spent her life in Saint John, NB, where she wrote poetry and fiction.
  • Scottish-born Margaret Sharp Peace was living in Newfoundland in 1850, when she published her only book of poems.
  • Margaret Elizabeth Tennant, of Lanark Township, ON, wrote one book, The Golden Chord: A Story of Trial and Conquest (1899).
  • Margaret Rody worked as a telephone operator in Kamsack, SK, where she published her poems in the Kamsack Times before reissuing them in several editions.
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    Based in southern Ontario, Margaret Samantha Wade published one volume of verse as well as a range of non-fiction whose subjects included ornithology and a company history.
  • Margerie Bonner Lowry, the second wife of writer Malcolm Lowry, published three mystery novels in the 1940s.
  • Brian Busby
  • Maria Amelia Fitch spent most of her adult life in Saint John, NB, where she published two novels.
  • Based in Victoria, BC, Maria Heathfield Grant was active in first-wave feminism and edited the suffrage periodical, The Champion, from 1912 to 1914.
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    Known for her travel writing, Maria Lauder incorporated her Methodist, reformist outlook into many of her publications.
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    Maria Monk achieved notoriety as the supposed author of two accounts of imprisonment and abuse in a Montreal convent. Her authorship has been disputed, although her Canadian identity is not.
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    Best known for her paintings of the wild flowers of Nova Scotia, Maria Morris was also a published poet.
  • Montreal-born poet Marian Francis Osborne enjoyed a busy life on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Karyn Huenemann
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    A feisty labour and suffrage activitist, Marie Joussaye expressed her views in extensive journalism and several volumes of poetry.
  • After training as a teacher, Marie McPhedran published stories and books for young readers.
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    A schoolteacher in Toronto, Mariel Jenkins wrote magazine stories for children and issued several volumes of poetry.
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    The sister of writer Eloise Street, Marion Anning was a published poet.
  • Marion Elizabeth Moodie was a professional nurse and health administrator who also wrote poetry.
  • Marion Isabel Angus worked in advertising and journalism in Vancouver and Victoria. Her poetry and prose appeared in three books and in numerous periodicals in Canada and abroad.
  • A professional actress as well as a journalist, Montreal-born Marjorie Douglas Weir also published some poetry.
  • Linnea McNally
  • Karyn Huenemann
  • While working for the Department of External Affairs, Ontario-born Marjorie McKenzie contributed poetry to periodicals and issued one volume of verse, Graphite and Galena, in 1927.
  • The ethereal poems of Marjorie Pickthall were embraced by those who resisted modernism.
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    Marjorie Reynolds Pound published one story, under the name of "Bunny Pound," when she was eleven years old.
  • After a childhood in rural Saskatchewan, Marjorie Wilkins Campbell settled in Toronto where her initial career in journalism led to an award-winning series of non-fiction historical narratives...
  • A busy participant in the Canadian literary community, Toronto-based author Marjory MacMurchy was well-known for her journalism and fiction.