Settings Tab

Adjust the appearance of the graph using the Settings Tab.

Note: When working with large datasets, adjust the Shelf Radius, Fisheye Zoom and Fisheye Radius to separate the distance between nodes and "zoom in" on individual nodes.
Focused Label Mag Adjust font size of Node labels in hover mode.
Selected Node Mag Adjust size of Selected Nodes; helps user see which Nodes will be effected by actions in the CommandsTab.
Node Radius Adjust size of All Nodes for easier viewing.
Label Size (EM) Adjust font size of All Node labels.
Snippet Body (EM) Adjust font size of text body in Snippet Window.
Snippet Triple (EM) Adjust font size of Triple (statement describing the subject, object and predicate); the Triple appears as a title above the text body in Snippet Window.
Charge (-) Adjust the attraction and repulsion between graphed nodes, similar to a magnetic charge.
Gravity Controls whether graphed nodes are fixed in the centre OR float free.
Shelf Radius Adjust Shelf circumference; controls the size of the orbit containing ungraphed Nodes.
Fisheye Zoon Control magnification strength of cursor.
Fisheye Radius Control magnification scope of cursor; increased scope provides immersive 3D view of graph.
Link Distance Adjust length of links between graphed Nodes.
Link Thickness Adjust thickness of links between graphed Nodes
Line Edge Weight Increases the variation in link thickness according to the number of shared connections, with thicker lines havin a higher Edge count.
Sway Fraction Adjust the curvature of links to seperate or collapse multiple Edges.
Snippet Count on Edge Labels (on/off) Display the number of connections in the Edge label.