Select by Search

Select nodes using the Like bar to perform a text search.

The Like function searches the node names in the Dataset for textual matches. Matching nodes are then selected to execute a Command.
Note: The Like bar offers full Regex power. For example, searching "19\d\d" will return matches for numbers in the range 1900-1999.
Note: ONLY the node names are searched. The Like function does NOT perform searches on other features like Set/Class types or Snippet text.
  1. Type a search term into the Like bar.

  2. Click a Set or Class type to choose a category of nodes to perform the search on.

    To search all nodes for matches, click All under Sets.
    Notice that the Current Command will update to reflect the Search term and selected Set/Class type.

  3. Click on the desired Verb to choose an action.

In this example, the user searched for ALL nodes LIKE "University" and then executed the VERB Activate. As a result, nodes with names containing "University" were pulled into the graph.