Tagging entities in the editor

CWRC-Writer allows you to add RDF entities to your document. You can add these tags from within the editor using your mouse right-click button. When you add RDF entities to the document you are also adding a corresponding XML tag to the document.

  1. Highlight the text that you would like to tag as a particular entity.
    Currently, the events tag is not full functional.

  2. Right-click on the highlighted text and select the entity you would like to add to the document. In this case we are adding a "Place" entity to the document.

  3. Choose a CWRC, VIAF or GeoNames (depending on what entity you are tagging) entry and click on Select.
    The editor is now hooked up to the CWRC entity system. Lookup of all named entities (e.g. persons, organizations, places, and titles) from within CWRC is now available, as well as lookup in authoritative linked data sources. the external VIAF list of authorities, produced from national and major research libraries around the world, is used to link persons, organizations and titles, while GeoNames is employed in a similar capacity for place entities.
    Note: You can also create a new entry in the CWRC system, this will be covered in alternate help pages.

  4. Add any qualifying information to the entity (precision, identification, etc.) and click Save.
    The options that show up on this pop-up depends on what entity is being tagged.

The entity that you have added to your document (along with any additional information you have assigned to the entity) will appear in the entities column on the left side of CWRC-Writer.